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Stacksandstacks.com, an online retailer, found that visitors to their Website who watched a product video were 144% more likely to purchase that product than visitors who did not watch the video. Bang!

Susan Weinschenk, a behavioral psychologist in the field of user experience, has discovered that we rely on a specific area of our brain to tell us to read faces and then to decide whether or not someone can be trusted. Double bang!!

We have an innate preference for live action in videos (as opposed to animated videos, or pure motion graphics). When we believe the presenter (i.e., their face), we picture ourselves in their shoes (literally, sometimes) and become converted through the story they are telling. Testimonial videos are effective messaging tools, because we empathize with the storyteller. Customers would rather hear about how a product or services has benefitted the lives of people like them. They don’t want to hear the VP of Sales yammer about their own product.

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Viewers tend to spend as little time as possible reading when given the option to watch a video. They report watching a video to be easier, faster and more effective. That’s great for marketers, because potential customers absorb and retain information in videos more effectively than they do by reading simple text or looking at static images. By educating Web visitors about the specifications and key differentiators of your product or service in a compelling story format, potential customers will be be more likely to purchase that product.

Internet Retailer has reported that when a video includes a high degree of varied content, viewers will actually watch that video multiple times to absorb more of the information presented, and this translates into potential new customers spending more time on your Website considering your products and services!

According to videoseo.com, video content also increase a Website’s SEO ranking.

Lastly, if you didn’t already sense the trend, your competition is producing a video right now! According to Cisco, 87% of internet traffic will be made up of video by 2018!! 70% of business-to-business content marketers already use video in their marketing strategy. And almost 60% of those marketers rate video as the best way to market their content.

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