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Paul McCartney sings Yesterday,

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Which issues are celebrity-friendly? and unfriendly? Social Issues and Celebrities - A categorization

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rock is for relief

models is for fur

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yearly landmine reports

Mills-McCartney-Landmines Timeline

(source = wikipedia unless otherwise noted)


United Nations Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects (Geneva 10 October 1980)


August - Heather Mills was hit by a police motorcycle while crossing Kensington High Street, London. Her injuries included crushed ribs and a punctured lung. She needed a metal plate put into her pelvis and also the amputation of her left leg below the knee. "By her account, within three weeks of the final operation she had discarded her crutches and, wearing an artificial leg, "soon I was dancing, swimming and playing tennis", followed by roller-blading and skiing." (The Times, March 2000) She sells her story for £180,000.




"Following the accident she arranged for unwanted prostheses to be sent from the United Kingdom to the war-torn former Yugoslavia." (wikipedia, also


January - Princess Diana visits Angola, focusing world attention on the landmines issue (

April 19 - Linda McCartney's death announced. In the week after her death calls to CancerBACUP about breast cancer increase substantially. "The death of a celebrity from a disease, so publicly exposed, presumably forced women to face their own mortality." - British Medical Journal, vol. 317, 10 October 1998

August 31 - Princess Diana dies in a car accident in Paris

18 September 1997 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, (Entry into force of the Convention: 1 March 1999, in accordance with article 17 (1) of the Convention)

18 September 1997 Signatures, Ratifications/Accessions to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-personnel Mines and on their Destruction,

1997 Mine Ban Treaty - 137 Signatories/Accession and 100 Ratifications (As of 27 July 2000) (Human Rights Watch) (July 2000)

December 5 - Ottawa Treaty to ban landmines opened for signatures at UN headquarters in New York.

December 11 - Jody Williams (Putney, VT, USA), Founder of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, co-laureate, nobel peace prize; Landmine Survivors Network ( is also a co-recipient.


July - Soccer star David Ginola appointed figurehead of the Red Cross landmines campaign, taking over the position after Princess Diana's death (

August - four months after Linda McCartney's death, Paul vows to "keep the torch burning" on animal rights and vegetarianism (

Dec 1998 An international ban on anti-personnel mines History and negotiation of the "Ottawa treaty" by Stuart Maslen and Peter Herby in International Review of the Red Cross no 325 (Dec 1998) p 693-713


Adopt-a-minefield created by the United Nations Association of the USA. Adopt a Minefield is a global partnership for mine action with campaigns in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

May 1999

Heather had been asked to present an award at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain ceremony at London's Dorchester hotel. Among the celebrities in attendance was McCartney, who was there to make an award in memory of his late wife, Linda. On the night her Cambodia film was broadcast, McCartney rang Heather at home, said he would like to help her with her charity work and suggested they should meet. Soon afterwards, it was revealed that McCartney had donated £150,000 to the Heather Mills Health Trust, and gossip columns were full of innuendo about the exact nature of McCartney's interest in Heather's charity.

June/July - Mills goes to Cambodia to film a documentary on land-mine victims. Chris Terrill, the film-maker, proposes to Heather on a fishing boat on the Mekon River. Adopt-a-Minefield is featured in the documentary?

June - Paul McCartney pledges to lead a campaign against genetically-modified foods and spends £3m to ensure his late wife's vegetarian meals range is GM-free. (

June 25, 1999 Nobel Peace Laureate to Travel to Kosovo to Highlight Landmine Crisis (By Jody Williams/Mary Wareham)

July - McCartney donates GBP 150,000 to Heather Mills Health Trust, by far the largest donation received by the foundation to date.

Six days before Heather was due to marry Chris Terrill, BBC producer and maker of the Cambodia landmines film, Heather calls him from the airport to call off the marriage. She said she was going to Greece. In fact, she flew to New York, where she met Paul McCartney. Hello! magazine had offered Heather and Chris Hello! £40,000 to cover the wedding in an exclusive.

September - Princess Diana's Fund gives GBP 1m for landmine clearnance work in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Angola.


January - McCartney appeared publicly beside Miss Mills at a party to celebrate her 32nd birthday


???? - "Paul and Heather made a personal donation in 2001 to kick Adopt-A-Minefield (UK) off to a flying start. The funds were used to pay for landmine clearance in Slavonia, Croatia." (

???? - "When I was filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia I was faced with the harsh reality of the landmine crisis. I adopted a minefield in Battambang province through Adopt-A-Minefield. It has now been cleared and the people there can once again live in safety." Angelina Jolie

April - "Sir Paul McCartney and his girlfriend Heather Mills have met with US Secretary of State Colin Powell to try and persuade America that it should sign up to an international treaty which bans land mines." (

April - Paul and his girlfriend Heather Mills spearhead an anti-landmine drive in London with the launch of a new British charity, Adopt A Minefield UK. The launch includes the first screening of a documentary filmed by Heather in and around the minefields of Croatia in April. Paul, who narrated the film, tells the media: "Landmines take or wreck three lives an hour, every hour of every day of every year. We have to come together now to stop that" +

June 14 - First annual 'Adopt-a-minefield Gala', hosted by McCartney and Mills. Sir Paul McCartney played alongside Paul Simon. The event raises $500,000. ((

September - McCartney writes the song 'Freedom' in reaction to the Sept. 11 WTC attacks and performs at the Madison Square Garden benefit night on October 20th (

November 27 - "U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell hosted an N1KD-related dinner to celebrate public-private partnerships in humanitarian demining. Some of the people in attendance at this event included Bobby Mueller, a Nobel laureate and President of the VVAF; Senator Pat Leahy; Dennis Barlow of James Madison University’s Mine Action Information Center (JMU-MAIC); Jerry White and Ken Rutherford, co-founders of the LSN; Queen Noor of Jordan; William H. Luers, the President and CEO of UNA-USA; and Lincoln Bloomfield, the new President’s Special Representative for Global Humanitarian Demining."


April 29 - Nahela Hadi Dep. Dir. of Adopt A Minefield program of the UN Association in the USA talks about their program to clear land mines worldwide, Ted Tuners Better World Fund, UN Foundation, Heather Mills/Paul McCartney - Audio stream: "....Demining number one employer in Afganistan..." "Ladi Di - Peace prize"

June 11 - Mills marries McCartney; the couple asked every media outlet that used their official wedding photo to donate £1000 to Adopt-A-Minefield (UK). This raised an astonishing £90,000 to clear landmines and help mine survivors. (

September 18 - Second annual Adopt-a-Minefield Gala; Vegetarian dinner served; nobel laureate Jody Williams honored (

September 25 - McCartney and Mills-McCartney receive Global Humanitarian Action award from the United States Association of the United Nations (see article for pictures:


February - Paul McCartney plays a private show for Ralph Whitworth, who donates 1 million dollars to Adopt-a-Landmine (

28 October 2003, Mills McCartney gave birth to the couple's only child together, a daughter, Beatrice Milly McCartney.

23 September 2003, Paul and Heather McCartney hosted annual Adopt-a-Minefield gala, raising $1.2 million.


October 15 - 3rd annual Adopt-a-minefield Gala. A landmine/landmine victim assistance video, narrated by Heather, was introduced:

Highlights of Paul McCartney's Involvement with Adopt-A- Minefield Yearly Benefit Gala - Paul hosts, with his wife Heather, the yearly AAM Benefit Gala, which in 2004 raised over $1.4 million dollars. Each year, Paul invites a special musical guest to perform with him. Past guests include Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, James Taylor, Stephen Stills and Neil Young. (

Paul and Heather to do webchat in landmine cause Date - November 4th – No More Landmines Day Place – Who – Paul and Heather McCartney& Steve Sinnott, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers and official Friend of Adopt-A-Minefield, UK.

No More Landmines Day is Adopt-A-Minefield, UK's campaign for schools across the United Kingdom. Schools from 18 UK counties are already signed up to raise funds to clear landmines and help landmine survivors on November 4th. The webchat will focus on questions about landmines, landmine survivors, global citizenship, and raising funds in schools – and the questions they answer could be yours! What would you like to ask Paul, Heather and Steve? Adopt-A-Minefield needs you to ask the questions… BEFORE THE 29th OCTOBER. The best questions will then be selected and answered live on-line. Even if you can’t watch the web-chat live... You’ll also be able to read the transcript of the web-chat afterwards on and on

For ideas about what kind of questions to ask, why not check out the Landmine Facts page of Questions should be sent by e-mail to - or by post to Adopt-A-Minefield, 3 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EL, UK


January - "Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather, announced a $1.9 million donation to the International Rescue Committee U.K. -- an aid group that works with the New York-based IRC network -- to help victims of the tsunami." (

May - Adopt-a-minefield event in Germany. Cat Stevens and Paul McCartney sing duo. Event raises ¤ 115,000 euros.

Fall - Paul McCartney's "The Space Within US" encapsulates the 11-week, 34 show gig Paul commenced in the fall of 2005. Each date and city is listed on an eight-page booklet included with the DVD, which also features a few on-stage photographs and a forward by Cameron Crowe. Heather Mills is nowhere to be found, with Paul wearing a "No More Landmines" t-shirt as the only evidence of her influence. Celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Billy Joel and John Cusack are shown enjoying themselves as part of the crowd. (

September 10 - Paul McCartney plays at Hurricane Katrina benefit concert "ReAct Now" (

November 15 - 5th Annual Adopt-A-Minefield Gala. Raises record $3m,


January - Mills McCartney attends the Mercedes Benz Fashion week, and is interviewed by Cheryl Shuman

March - Mills McCartney and her husband ventured to eastern Canada to bring attention to the country's annual seal hunt.

April 4: More than 350 guests dressed in their business best arrived at United Nations headquarters on the evening of April 4 to honor the UN and its secretary-general, Kofi Annan, for their work in clearing the world of landmines. The event also celebrated the first International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action and served as the inaugural New York event of Adopt-A-Minefield’s annual program known as the Night of a Thousand Dinners®. video report:

4 April - First International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance, UNICEF video,

May - Reports of split surface

May 22 - A spokesperson for Heather Mills McCartney is quoted saying: "I cannot comment on what the settlement might be, except that I am certain she wants the vast majority of it to be spent on clearing landmines."

July - McCartney says he will not be able to attend Gala, but that he has "every confidence that they will put on another great event and raise significant funds for the campaign's continuing work." ( (

August - Gala is cancelled, McCartney donates 2 million dollars (

August 16 - 'Recent articles in newspapers in the UK (which have been quoted extensively around the world) have stated that Adopt-A-Minefield patron Heather Mills McCartney "..was criticised for taking on the Adopt-A-Minefield Charity after Diana's death because the princess had been the high-profile face of the charity". The Adopt-A-Minefield campaign was founded in 1999, two years after the death of the princess. She therefore had no links with the Adopt-A-Minefield campaign, was not the high-profile face of the charity and was in no way replaced by Heather Mills. The Adopt-A-Minefield campaign raises funds and awareness to clear landmines and help landmine survivors. In doing so it continues the work of Princess Diana and builds upon the achievements of the Mine Ban treaty, which Princess Diana did so much to make promote. Heather Mills became involved with the landmine issue in the early 1990's several years before the Princess of Wales became involved with the issue. Heather Mills and Paul McCartney became involved with the Adopt-A-Minefield campaign in 1999.'

November 21 - Heather Mills appears on Extra TV to discuss the divorce, as well as promote veganism. On the allegations that she married McCartney for his money, Mills said "I would rather someone come up and chop off all my limbs than go through what I went through." ( video:

13 December - Heather Mills retains the services of Anthony Julius, the divorce lawyer who also represented Princess Diana. (

To date, the Adopt-a-Minefield has

Raised over $18 million for mine clearance and survivor assistance; Cleared over 21 million square meters of land, with an estimated 2 million square meters currently under clearance; Developed the annual Night of a Thousand Dinners initiative to engage global citizens around the world in raising funds for mine action


Mills-McCartney row tops 'PR disasters' poll

January 11 - The Heather Mills-Paul McCartney row has been voted the biggest public relations disaster of 2006, according to a new survey of PR highlights and lowlights published today. (

January 26 - Heather Mills appears on Peta anti-fur campaign.



models and fur

Peta ads fur & clothing:

Boss models: Turn your back on fur

Supermodel Fernanda Tavares: Models should be the only foxes on the runway

Chisty Turlington - I'd rather go naked than wear fur


Yana Booth (Miss Great Britain): Bare skin not bear skin

Naomi Campbell

Claudia Schifffer

Magali (supermodel) went undercover to expose consumer fraud in NY fur salons (asking the sales persons how the animals are killed for the fur, and videotaping the whole thing)

Peta Naked Campaign Video

Cindy Crawford betrays animals (video) (for strong stomachs only)

models and (skin) cancer

Marc Jacobs skin cancer awareness
Models: Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell (and some actresses)

Pics of Winona winona-ryder-nude-poster-08.jpg

heather mills and fur

Heather Mills anti-fur

bono & charities

larry king live





rock stars and disaster relief



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