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Comparing Automatic Transcription with Professional Audio Transcription Services

There are many cheap audio transcription services available online to offer assistance to businesses to cut down on cost. But are these automated tools good enough? The answer to the question is explained in the article.Over the years speech recognition software is getting better, now computers are able to perform better voice recognition. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence technology in audio transcription may give a new dimension to this trade. Though, the results are yet to be determined.

Explaining automated cheap audio transcription service

Automated audio to text transcription services is an affordable option and is suitable for all types of applications. It is faster and reliable. According to statistics the median time to transcript a 60-minute file is around three minutes. Most small and medium businesses choose automatic transcription for its affordability and instant delivery. The mystery shroud around automated transcription is elaborated below:Automated cheap audio transcription services are defined as converting audio to text using the software. The audio is analyzed using speech recognition software. Automated online transcription services save money on a short-term basis. It is ideal for individuals preferring DIY solutions and for small businesses. Particularly, startups can benefits from the deal by containing their cost.

Automated online transcription services come with a host of disadvantages

The accuracy and quality are compromised and never meets the requirement of the clients. Software tools can only deconstruction the audio for transcription but it is not free of errors. Moreover, there is no scope for any automated proofreading to correct the errors from the end product. It can be only done through human intelligence.

There are certain tools that can enhance the level of difficulty, the challenges confronted due to different accents, background noise, rapid speech, mumbling and other noise can affect the quality of the audio. The software takes the best guess when confronted with such situations.

The accuracy level is very low when compared to human transcription. Ultimately you will be forced to opt for human proofreading. With the involvement of human proofreading, the cost of transcription goes up. This is not all, proofreading takes a lot of time and it can hamper the deadlines.

Advantages of Online Transcription Services

Creating high-quality transcripts can increase the reputation of your company. It delivers the right message to your clients and employees not compromising on the quality. The merits includeTrained team members with superior skill of typing, deciphering, reviewing and proofreading the transcription Errors are eliminated while taking into account contextual variations providing high level of accuracyFor the transcription services, high level of accuracy is mandatory particularly for legal and medical fields. Manual audio to text transcription services come with good perks. Commercial online transcription services operations include closed captioning and subtitling.The human factor in the transcription gives focus on the nativity, to understand the audio content better and produce clear and crisp results.

The only disadvantage of manual audio to text transcription services is the costing, particularly with rush transcription, same day transcription, etc. Though, there is a host of options available to get the best deal possible.
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