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Amsterdam New Media Industry

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is a creative media hub for film, television, and new media. The city is home to a rapidly growing new media industry with hundreds of startups, ventures and multinationals, specializing in various fields. Here are some Amsterdam-based new media companies by category:


StartupBootcamp Amsterdam

Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, 1011 DJ Amsterdam

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam ia Europe’s most successful startup accelerator, offering intensive mentoring from industry leaders across Europe and beyond, propelling tech startups into higher levels of growth and funding.


Herengracht 182, 1016 BR Amsterdam

Rockstart is a startup acceleration company that unlocks funding, resources and networks for startups. Rockstart Accelerator is a program supported by an international mentor group of 100+ entrepreneurs, CEO's and experts, to help the most promising international teams launch their startups and break through on a global scale



Nieuwe Prinsengracht 39 1018 EG Amsterdam

22tracks is a jukebox consisting of 22 playlists of different genres. Each playlist is filled with 22 tracks selected by specialized DJ’s from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris. The playlists are refreshed throughout the week with new tracks added at the top and older tracks deleted at the bottom. In this way 22tracks quickly overviews the latest music, promotes new artists and lets you discover new genres.

Bucket Buddies

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 187, 1017 RB Amsterdam

Bucket Buddies is an early stage social networking platform connecting users based on shared goals. Bucket Buddies was pitched at Startup Weekend Amsterdam 2014 and the overall winner of the event.


A new startup in the context of the huge surge in popularity of women to refresh their closet by engaging with strangers. The company offers a tinder-like platform and app for fashion enthusiasts to locally connect, swap and share clothes. It discovers who likes a clothing item in a virtual closet and connects two people if they are equally interested in items in each other’s closets.


Herengracht 182, 1016BR Amsterdam

The ‘daily 30’ app by Human arose from the idea of ‘making moving more fun’. The fast-growing startup’s mission is to make people using technology healthier and happier, by giving them advice based on the data they produce. The shared passion of the founders for health comes from two completely different backgrounds, but has been the driving force to establish the company. One of the main founders, Renato Valdés Olmos once weighed 145 kg and felt the urge of losing weight (he’s now weighing 80 kg). Using passive tracking, the app calculates the average number of minutes the user moves a day and motivates him or her to the Daily 30 to do the minimum number of active minutes per day that a person needs to stay healthy.


Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK Amsterdam

Founded in 2009, Layar quickly gained international attention as one of the first mobile augmented reality browsers. The Layar App has been downloaded over 40 million times, and the Layar Creator – a web-based, self-service interactive print creation tool introduced in 2012 – is used by over 95,000 publishers and editors.


Amstel 51h, 1018 EJ Amsterdam

Founded in 2004, Moby Pictures startet as a service that enable sending mms messages. While initially only supporting photos, support for audio and video files was added shortly, while also integrating more and more social media networks like Facebook and Tumblr. Nowadays, they are the core for their projects as Tag The Love. And instead of sending traffic generated by individuals to the Mobypicture website, it redirects traffic of certain users to a branded site, which opens up possibilities for monetizing traffic with merchandise/advertisements and raising brand-awareness.


Herengracht 180, 1016 BR Amsterdam

Peerby is an app and a website that enables users to borrow the things they need from others in their neighborhood in 30 minutes. Peerby is request based, with no listing or cataloguing. When users need something the system sends out messages to their neighbours, who can respond with one simple click.


Medi-Arena 7, 1099CZ Amsterdam

Postcron is an online service that enables users to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for specific dates and times. Postcron’s app is used by thousands of individuals and brands such as Nike, Sony, L’Oreal and MTV. The company is focused on making cross-media super-efficient to save time and energy.


Haarlemmerstraat 121-2 1013 EN, Amsterdam

Founded in june 2011, Roamler offers a service to the retail market. By aggregating factual data about customer experience, Roamler offers retailers advice on product placement, promotion and availability of products in a store. Through the Roamler app, the Roamler workforce delivers the data which is used to deliver above said services. Roamler operates in thirteen countries on three continents.


Herengracht 504, 1017 CB Amsterdam

Spaaza connects online, in-store and social commerce to create a single solution for engaging with shoppers. By understanding shoppers in a new way the company claims to help retailers to personalise prices, rewards and marketing messages to create a better shopping experience. Spaaza was founded in 2011 with the aim of making shopping better. The name Spaaza comes from the South African word meaning a small or informal shop.

The Questionmark

Distelweg 113, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Questionmark is an independent and non-political organization who researchers consumer products on the following issues: health, environment, human rights and animal rights. They offer an application able to scan barcodes and identify a product's score on the above mentioned issues. Managers and directors of various organizations as Greenpeace, Nudge, union federation ITUC, Planetzer0 and Kessels-Kramer supported the establishment of the company in 2012.


Gabriël Metsustraat 8 1071 EA Amsterdam

Toogethr is an mobile ridesharing service, that allows users to make use of social networks and split travel costs. Founded in 2011, this amsterdam-based company believes that as Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to riding a bicycle, it does not make much sense to own a car (and very costly due to parking fees of over €5 per hour). With over 8 million cars in the Netherlands and high quality public transport, their vision is to make use of what is already available in case travelling is needed: Access over ownership.


Johan van Hasseltweg 39, 1021KN Amsterdam

YES.TAP provides a mobile solution that eliminates queues and increases sales. Its main focus is on restaurants and other food related companies. The app offers a function to order and pay online. Started in 2014, the company receives a seed of €160.000 and is currently developing their app.

Data Analysis & Data Visualization

Block Corp

Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083 HN Amsterdam

Block Corp is a Research & Development company specializing in development of cryptocurrency tools, platforms and services.


Singel 540, 1017 AZ Amsterdam

Bottlenose is an enterprise trend intelligence company that analyzes social media and business data to detect trends for brands.


Herengracht 180-III, 1016 BR Amsterdam

Specialist in social media monitoring, webcare, reputation management and media-analysis.


Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, 1059 AT Amsterdam

Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytics engine.


Tesselschadestraat 11 1054 ET Amsterdam

Knowble uses the internet as a source of learning material and combine it with language proficiency and preferences of the individual. With this approach it creates powerful methods for information retrieval and language learning that will help people reach their language learning goals efficiently and effectively. Knowble is part of EDIA, an educational software developer.


iProspect is specialized in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising in retail, finance and travel branche.

New Zoo

Koestraat 5A 1012 BW Amsterdam

Newzoo is an international full service market research and consulting firm, focused on the game industry. They aim to provide independent market data across all game segments and business models, based on proprietary market research projects in a broad range of countries.


Westzijde 33 1506 EB Zaandam

Zaandam based Obi4wan collects relevant data from over 400.000 social media sources, including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. They give insights in online conversations and offers the possibility to report fast and direct about the data. Next to social media monitoring, Obi4wan also offers a webcare option, to participate in the online conversation.


Binderij 7L, 1185 ZH Amstelveen

Founded in 2008, Snoobi Analytics delivers a professional web analyzing tool. It collects information of website visitors and displays them in a simple and clean report.


Spuistraat 239-3, 1012 VP Amsterdam

Silk is a tool for building websites providing cloud-based data publishing platform, founded in 2013. The site lets non technical users add structure to their information and gives many ways to filter and visualize your content.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 94 million users and counting. Next to that it offers Pro Twitter Stats for even more powerful statistics and sells featured spots on its website to people who want to gain more followers.


Keizersgracht 221 1016 DV Amsterdam

Usabilla is a tool that allows marketers, analysts and designers to collect user feedback on their website or app to improve user experience.


Plantage Muidergracht 12, 1018 TV Amsterdam

Veylinx provides market insights by revealing what consumers actually do instead of measuring what they say they'll do. Veylinx helps companies to test assumptions, make informed decisions, and prevent future losses


Warmoesstraat 149, 1012 JC Amsterdam

Wakoopa is a software company that creates passive tracking solutions for market research and is specialised in ‘behavioral data’.

Digital/Online Printing & Publishing

3D Hubs

Herengracht 182, 1016 BR Amsterdam

3D Hubs is the world’s largest 3D printer matching-service platform. Their goal for the coming years is becoming the #1 platform for 3D Printing by connecting over 25% of the world population to local 3D printers, claiming they see this network of 3D Printers as the foundation, not the end goal. The company receives a 4.5 million capital injection by Balderton Capital. 3D Hubs is opening up an office in New York and expects to expands its workforce to thirty people.


Basisweg 56M, 1043AP AMSTERDAM

imgZine has created a service platform for the effortless publishing of real time social magazines on mobile devices, based on existing content. The platform consists of a content publishing platform, native tablet and smartphone magazine apps and an analytics dashboard.


A Lab - Lab 6, Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS, Amsterdam

An app production platform that allows to create online publications without prior technical knowledge. Its leading product is the Appowr creator. This tool enables you to design, build and maintain apps for mobile devices, without the need for any coding knowledge. The company was founded in 2010, with offices situated in Amsterdam-North.


Herengracht 69c, 1015BD Amsterdam

Enables users to collect photos from social networks and develop personalized albums that can be printed. Users can upload photos or import them in one click from Facebook, Instagram and many others social media websites, edit and customize online.


Rokin 75, 1012 KL Amsterdam

Peecho is a cloud printing service that allows users to sell professionally printed products from their own applications or websites. It is a platform and intermediates between professionals and printers. Peecho is founded in 2010 and is currently expanding towards the United States. It has offices in Amsterdam and New York.

E-Commerce & Financial Services


Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6-50, 1011 DJ Amsterdam

Adyen is a global provider of online, mobile and point-of-sale payment solutions.


Nicolaas Witsenstraat 12, 1017ZH AMSTERDAM

Offers merchants the possibility to accept Bitcoin in their businesses without any risk or hassle. The customer pays in Bitcoin, and the merchant receives the daily revenue from Bitcoin payments on the company bank account every day. The merchant always receives the same amount as the sale is made for. In this way the merchant can benefit from offering the acceptance of Bitcoin, without risk.


Yippi helps people shop smarter. The company shows you where a product is on sale. Seamlessly integrated, completely personalised and instant.


Baarsjesweg 285, 1058 AE Amsterdam

Zaypay makes international micropayments through SMS, phone calls, in-app and other alternative payment methods a piece of cake. Zaypay International B.V. was Founded in 2006 with a clear but ambitious goal: one API for worldwide phone and SMS/text micropayments that anyone could use without spending any out-of-pocket costs. Though API connection turned out relatively easy, Zaypay has grown into a leading global mobile payment provider.



Tesselschadestraat 11, 1054 ET Amsterdam

EDIA was founded in 2004 and is a leading international development and support organisation for educational open source applications, specializing in the development and implementation of educational software. Knowble is part of EDIA.


Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, 1011 DJ Amsterdam

Procwise is a web based proctoring system for “easy safe online exams”, allowing students and employees to have real-time supervised exams without leaving their homes or offices. The company offers a technical solution toward online exams containing screen capturing, 360 classroom views, proctor supervising (digital supervisor of exams) and recording of exams. Procwise is based in Amsterdam and currently employs six people.


Panamalaan 5N, 1019 AS Amsterdam

Squla is an educational technology solution offering online learning programs and games for kids. They claim that one third of the parents is unhappy with the current state of education, and fill in that gap by offering additional schooling possibilities. Squla is powered by CITO and developed by Future Whiz Media.

Games and Entertainment


Science Park 402, 1098 XH Amsterdam

Bloomsix is an internet-based independent game developer of interactive entertainment software, focusing primarily on connected and social games. Bloomsix is committed to leverage the unique features of handheld, console and pc devices into a compelling user experience


Herengracht 433 1017 BR Amsterdam

Develops, distributes and monetizes HTML5 games, casual and social games. The company has an in-house game studio and distribute games from third-party developers. Founded in 2009 in Amsterdam, the company employs an innovative team with over 50 colleagues from all over the world, with offices in Tokyo, São Paulo and Singapore.

Ex Machina

Rokin 75 1012 KL Amsterdam

Ex Machina has its roots in games, social media and TV, offering Play-To-TV - an international platform for large scale second screen interactivity. Currently 25 people big and headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in London and San Francisco and strategic partners in Istanbul, Singapore and Tokyo.


Willem de Zwijgerlaan 352 1055 RD Amsterdam

Flavour has its focus on gamification. They offer solutions to gamify learning, business processes, communication, branding and strategy. Currently ten people are employed at Flavour.


Herengracht 601, 1017 CE Amsterdam

Guerrilla is a growing game development studio with an established reputation as one of Europe's leading game companies. It was founded in 2000 as the result of a merger between three smaller Dutch studios, and acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2005.

Little Chicken Game Company

Weteringschans 86 - 1017XS - Amsterdam

Little Chicken develops and publishes serious games, branded games and entertainment games. With over ten years of experience, Litte Chicken has developed and published over hundred games and projects.

Vanguard Games

Overhoeksplein 2 1031 KS Amsterdam

Vanguard Games is a game studio developing premium games for premium platforms. The studio is located in the heart of Amsterdam, where an international team of game designers, programmers and artists is dedicated to creating innovative and ambitious new game experiences.



Wibautstraat 224, 1097DN Amsterdam

Founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, eBay is a multi-billion dollar business with operations localized in over thirty countries, including The Netherlands.


Herengracht 282, 1016BX Amsterdam

Headquartered in California, Facebook needs no introduction. It's market penetration is the highest in North America (69 percent), followed by Middle East-Africa (67 percent), Latin America (58 percent), Europe (57 percent), and Asia-Pacific (17 percent). Facebook's Benelux operations are based in Amsterdam.


Claude Debussylaan 34, 1082 MD Amsterdam

Google Amsterdam is part of its Benelux operations, with a team focusing among others on Business Development, Sales, Product & Customer Support, Marketing & Communication and Technical and developer relations. As critical New Media students, we all should know Google...


Wibautstraat 224, 1097DN Amsterdam

On October 3, 2002, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay. Headquartered in California, the company operates across the European Union since 2007 as a Luxembourg-based bank.


Twitter’s Amsterdam office is part of its Benelux and European operations, focusing on Sales, Marketing and Partnership.

Online/Digital Marketing, Strategy and Branding


Delflandlaan 4, 1062 EB Amsterdam

aFrogleap is a full service mobile development agency, founded by Bart Fussel en Naos Wilbrink in 2009. It focusses on creating and developing mobile business solutions for service, m-commerce and advertising purposes. They also established their own AFL Academy where they educate the technical brain behind their apps.


Prins Hendrikkade 21-2, 1012 TL Amsterdam

ACHTUNG! is an interactive marketing-communications agency founded in 2005. ACHTUNG! describes itself as an agency who creates stories for brands. These stories are used to create consumer engagement by allowing the consumer to interact with the story at the time and place they want.

Blast Radius

Karperstraat 10, 1075KZ Amsterdam

Blast Radius is a global strategic digital agency helping connect brands and consumers and tackle the complex issues that growing brands have. Founded in 1996 by a small group of people who converged around a single idea: that the Internet was going to change everything. Starting off as a boutique digital design agency specializing in video game companies, they then applied their knowledge to the business challenges facing leading consumer brands, working with brands such as Nike and Nintendo.


Czaar Peterstraat 155, 1018 PH Amsterdam

Founded in 2007, Boondoggle is a creative agency focussed on building brands beyond the traditional skill of broadcasting a brand’s promise. Boondoggle’s method is based on digital thinking.

C2B consultancy

Haarlemmerdijk 159, 1013 KH Amsterdam

Founded in 2008, the company is a pioneer in the field of co-creation and crowdfunding. Before setting up their company they wrote the first Dutch book on crowdsourcing, where they explain how to incorporate the ‘power of the crowd’ by the improvement of organisations in 7 steps.


Pedro de Medinalaan 11, 1086 XK Amsterdam

DLVR is a strategic online marketing agency, specializing in social media monitoring tools, web analytics, optimization, e-mail marketing and strategy mapping, to support marketing and sales objectives.


Mensinge 2, 1083 HA Amsterdam

A full-service mobile agency founded in 2002, assisting international brands in developing mobile strategy through creation, conceptualization and technical development of their mobile services. In 2012 the company merged with Brandloyalty, one of the global leaders in loyalty programs for food retailers and worked for several international brands as KLM, Vodafone, Albert Heijn, Philips, Heineken, Samsung and ABN Amro.


Haarlemmerweg 4, 1014 BE Amsterdam

IJsfontein is a specialist in interactive communication and media productions and has been successful for over fourteen years. Among the clients of the Amsterdam based company are broadcasting companies, museums, (consumer) brands and non-governmental organisations. A lot of IJsfontein's media have children as the main users. Their payoff is “playful solutions, serious communication.”


Van Ostadestraat 149, 1073 TK Amsterdam

Founded in 2008 by Jelle van der Bij and Jochem Vroom, Imbull is an online marketing company and a market leader in the online interactive couponing industry, offering a wide range of products and services within the online performance based industry. The company employs over 50 people from various countries and backgrounds, at their Amsterdam Pijp based office, in the previous Oranjekerk .


Moermanskkade 89, 1013 BC Amsterdam

Isobar Amsterdam is a full service digital agency, focusing on branding and digital potential. The company if part of the global Isobar network, with establishments in 39 markets.

Keplar Agency

Pilotenstraat 6F 1059 CJ Amsterdam

Keplar Agency is an Amsterdam-based independent strategic digital production company. It creates marketing campaigns, web\e-commerce platforms and smartphone\tablet applications for national and international brands, SMEs and serious startups. Clients of Keplar are Armada, the DJ Hardwell and BNN. In 2014 Keplar Agency won a Webby Award for their Armada music platform.


Entrepotdok 86, 1018 AD Amsterdam

Lab1111 initiates, develops and operates digital communications products together with brand advertisers, advertising agencies and media operators. They create innovative platforms, services and applications in social and mobile media.

Media Injection

Jacob Bontiusplaats 9, 1018LL Amsterdam

Founded in 2010, Media Injection is a software organization specialized in Social Media Insight & Management with offices in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and London. It aims boost businesses with enterprise ready social media management to manage multiple social accounts in one platform.


Herengracht 576, 1017 CJ Amsterdam

Meltwater is focused on public relation software and social media marketing software. They help companies drive growth and build brands by better understanding and engaging their customers, markets and social business communities. Started in 2001, Meltwater now has offices in 27 countries worldwide.


Barentszplein 7 1013 NJ Amsterdam

Momkai is an independent, digital creative agency founded in November 2002. We combine clear design with solid technical realisation to create projects that truly inspire, inform and interact

Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam

Pilotenstraat 41, 1059 CH Amsterdam

Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam is a creative advertising & marketing firm (both traditional), part of the Ogilvy & Mather international advertising, marketing and PR network, based in NYC, with 450 offices in 120 countries worldwide and 18,000 employees.

Herengracht 104 1015 BC Amsterdam

OKGO is a creative online & mobile marketing and advertising agency, specializing in creating websites, mobile apps and social media campaigns. The company publishes popular sites such as Numrush, Dutchcowboys, Dutchcowgirls and Foodzy

Pocket Media

WG Plein 303, 1054 SG Amsterdam

Pocket Media is a performance-based mobile agency, founded in 2012, specializing in mobile display, CPI, CPL, CPA models, Mobile search, direct response campaigns and mobile social media.

Saatchi & Saatchi | Leo Burnett Amsterdam

Danzigerkade 23c, 1013 AP Amsterdam

Saatchi & Saatchi | Leo Burnett Amsterdam has developed itself over the past years from a classic advertising agency to a cross media advertising and online digital agency. The firm is a part of the global Saatchi & Saatchi global communications advertising network with 140 offices in 76 countries and over 6,500 employees.


Koestraat 5b, 1012 BW Amsterdam

Sue is a ‘grown up agency with a start-up mentality’, specialized in social media campaigns, e-commerce start-ups and service design, brand campaigns and digital marketing through data driven methods.

The Gardeners

Vondelstraat 120 -A (Vondelkerk), 1054 GS Amsterdam

The Gardeners is an activation agency for PR and Social and both online and offline campaigns, founded by Maira Evers in 2009.

US Media

Danzigerkade 23a, 1013 AP Amsterdam

US Media is an creative digital agency, founded in 1996, specializing in digital concepts, UX design, prototyping, responsive design, web development, mobile development, product development, digital strategy and cloud deployment.


Willemsparkweg 66 /H, 1071 HK Amsterdam

Wefilm specializes in the making of online films and TV commercials. The agency was founded in 2010 by director Roel Welling and executive producer Bas Welling, and their philosophy is: “If people don't want to share it, it's simply not good enough”.

Wieden+Kennedy (W+K)

Herengracht 258-266, 1016 BV Amsterdam

W+K Amsterdam is an independent, creatively driven agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their customers. W+K in a full-service, creatively driven international advertising agency is based in Portland, Oregon with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, São Paulo, Delhi, Shanghai and Tokyo.


Magna Plaza, Spuistraat 139J, 1012 SV Amsterdam

Based in the heart of Amsterdam, Woedend! is a small digital communications, branding and strategy company.

Web Platforms / Web Development


A multi-device gesture interaction technology for integration into mobile apps. It enables users to connect different devices and easily share information between them.

Eat To Meet

Eat to Meet wants to bring people together at the dinner table. It is an online platform where you can book available seats for a communal table in different restaurants in the city.


Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, 1011DJ amsterdam

Iristrace is a tool for auditors, consultants, quality managers, controllers, or any job surrounded with responsibility for inspections or controlling processes. It connects auditing and controls to the cloud via smartphone, tablet or PC, to have your final report in one click. Iristrace has offices in Amsterdam and Alicante, Spain.


Willemsparkweg 196, 1071 HW Amsterdam

ISVWorld is a software industry database, launched in 2013. The company lists over 120.000 software companies around the world and provides financial data and statistics on the software industry.


Max Euweplein 46, 1017 MB Amsterdam

Label-A develops online products, websites and apps, creating “software as a service” solutions for all devices, and the portals behind them. The company’s ventures include Bynder and Kyosk


Nieuwe Teertuinen 16C, 1013 LV Amsterdam

A network funding platform that helps startups to find early stage financing by offering advice and financial tools that allow everyone to invest in startups. The company was founded in late 2013 and by September 2014 has already accounted for investments totaling 1 million Euro in various startups.


Hogehilweg 19, 1101 BC Amsterdam

Localsensor is a leading provider of location-based mobile DSP & RTB services. They offer local campaigns. Aggregated data is used in reports.

MCM Publishers

Silodam 191, 1013 AS Amsterdam

MCM Publishers is a cross multimedia publisher, responsible for apps like AppEvent and CityZapper. The company focuses on software and applications in relation to city guides and events, and develops private apps for third parties.


Wibautstraat 2-4, 1091 GM, Amsterdam

Media LAB Amsterdam conducts applied research on innovative interactive media applications together with partners from the creative industries and education. The research projects focus on urban screens, locative media, data visualization, interactive TV, gaming, the future of publishing and e learning. At their core, the focus of all research projects is the innovative character of the digital applications. Students work in multidisciplinary teams guided by experts from the industry and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences ( HvA). These experts are a mix of designers, programmers, social/digital media experts, researchers, copywriters and storytellers. In twenty weeks (one semester) the team develops a working prototype for a client in collaboration them. The team works four days a week in Studio HvA or at the client’s office. Additionally, the student has one day a week to work individually on the documentation of their internship or graduation project.

Present Plus

Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB Amsterdam

Present Plus is innovation studio specializing in design, software development and film, best known for developing WeTransfer - a tool that allows sending large files for free, Kuvva - an app for constant refreshing of wallpapers, used by artists that have adopted design and code to express themselves, and One Minute Wonder - a video platform that highlights people, telling their personal story in 60 seconds.


Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 083 HN Amsterdam

Quiver brings you Smart Files, which allows you to embed and share your files with features such as GPS, Timebox, Download, Print and Print Screen protection. It has offices in Palo Alto and Amsterdam.


Willem de Zwijgerlaan 3501055 RD Amsterdam

Relephant invents, designs and builds high-quality web applications optimized for tablet, smartphone and PC. Relephant has offices in Amsterdam and Istanbul, Turkey.


Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam

An Online App Publisher, with the belief that the most creative App Ideas come from people without coding expertise or funds to make their App ideas happen. Yet, having a great App idea is not enough - App Store Optimization, Promotion and a Supporting Community are equally important to make an App's successful. The company offers integrated solution for the design, (crowd)funding, development, publishing and promotion of iOS apps.


Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, 1101 DJ Amsterdam

Undagrid is an Internet of Things Network service provider that develops mesh networks of nodes, where there are no controllers, all devices are equal.


Lijnbaansgracht 183 II 1016 XA Amsterdam

Vigour is a platform that enables apps to run on any device, converging their interfaces into one fluid experience over the cloud.


Lauriergracht 116, 1016 RR Amsterdam

Wercker is a collaborative continuous delivery platform, that helps developers reduce risk in the deveopment processes.

Art & Culture


Van Gendthallen, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG Amsterdam

Since 1983 Mediamatic has been active as a cultural institution. They are interested in cultural developments that foster new technologies, and new technologies that spur cultural developments.

They have produced CD-ROMs and magazines, exhibitions, workshops, salons, dev camps and other get-togethers. They contribute to the development of software and art, and occasionally act as a publishing company. was launched in 1994 and has been a growing online social network since 2002.

NIMk Artlab

Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam

The Artlab is the department within the Netherlands Media Art Institute that is responsible for research. Artlab supports research by artists into the use of new media within the visual arts. Here artists can experiment, make contact with one another, cooperate and create new work. The Artist in Residence program is a structural part of the Institute. In addition there is occasional research done into tools that can be of service in the process of presentation, production, post-production and distribution of streaming media. As a research center, the Netherlands Media Art Institute focuses first on professional specialists, but students can also approach it with problems they may encounter. With the aid of the open source and open content principle, as much knowledge and expertise as possible is made available by the internet.

Submarine Channel

Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD Amsterdam

Submarine Channel is the one of the leading organizations when it come to the future of storytelling. producing transmedia dramas, documentaries and genre-defying entertainment. From studios in Amsterdam and L.A, Submarine Channel initiates and produces projects that explore new platforms and new technologies to tell stories in new ways. Projects include interactive documentaries, interactive animation (such as motion comics) and online narrative games. Submarine Channel also produces editorial content, such as Submarine Channel Profiles – an ongoing series of video portraits about pioneering creatives from all over the world. Submarine Channel is part of the multiple award-winning production outfit Submarine, founded by 2000 by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting, both pioneers in the Dutch (new) media world.

Waag Society

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69, 1011 HB Amsterdam

Waag Society, institute for art, science and technology, develops creative technology for social innovation. The foundation researches, develops concepts, pilots and prototypes and acts as an intermediate between the arts, science and the media. Waag Society cooperates with cultural, public and private parties.
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