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    internal package Foswiki::Users::BaseUserMapping is a Foswiki::UserMapping

    User mapping is the process by which Foswiki maps from a username (a login name) to a display name and back. It is also where groups are maintained.

    The BaseMapper provides support for a small number of predefined users. No registration - this is a read only usermapper. It uses the mapper prefix 'BaseUserMapping_'.


    • $Foswiki::cfg{AdminUserLogin} - uses the password that was set in Configure (IF its not null)
    • $Foswiki::cfg{DefaultUserLogin} - WikiGuest
    • UnknownUser
    • ProjectContributor
    • $Foswiki::cfg{Register}{RegistrationAgentWikiName}


    ClassMethod new ($session)

    Construct the BaseUserMapping object

    ObjectMethod finish()

    Break circular references.

    ObjectMethod loginTemplateName () → templateFile

    allows UserMappings to come with customised login screens - that should preffereably only over-ride the UI function

    ObjectMethod handlesUser ( $cUID, $login, $wikiname) → $boolean

    See baseclass for documentation.

    In the BaseUserMapping case, we know all the details of the users we specialise in.

    ObjectMethod login2cUID ($login) → $cUID

    Convert a login name to the corresponding canonical user name. The canonical name can be any string of 7-bit alphanumeric and underscore characters, and must correspond 1:1 to the login name. (undef on failure)

    ObjectMethod getLoginName ($cUID) → login

    converts an internal cUID to that user's login (undef on failure)

    ObjectMethod getWikiName ($cUID) → wikiname

    Map a canonical user name to a wikiname

    ObjectMethod userExists( $user ) → $boolean

    Determine if the user already exists or not.

    ObjectMethod eachUser () → listIterator of cUIDs

    See baseclass for documentation.

    ObjectMethod eachGroupMember ($group) → listIterator of cUIDs

    See baseclass for documentation.

    The basemapper implementation assumes that there are no nested groups in the basemapper.

    ObjectMethod isGroup ($name) → boolean

    See baseclass for documentation.

    ObjectMethod eachGroup () → ListIterator of groupnames

    See baseclass for documentation.

    ObjectMethod eachMembership ($cUID) → ListIterator of groups this user is in

    See baseclass for documentation.

    ObjectMethod groupAllowsChange($group) → boolean

    returns 0 if the group is 'owned by the BaseMapper and it wants to veto adding to that group

    ObjectMethod isAdmin( $cUID ) → $boolean

    True if the user is an admin
    • is a member of the $Foswiki::cfg{SuperAdminGroup}

    ObjectMethod getEmails($name) → @emailAddress

    If $name is a cUID, return their email addresses. If it is a group, return the addresses of everyone in the group.

    ObjectMethod findUserByWikiName ($wikiname) → list of cUIDs associated with that wikiname

    See baseclass for documentation.

    ObjectMethod checkPassword( $login, $passwordU ) → $boolean

    Finds if the password is valid for the given user.

    Returns 1 on success, undef on failure.

    ObjectMethod setPassword( $cUID, $newPassU, $oldPassU ) → $boolean

    If the $oldPassU matches matches the user's password, then it will replace it with $newPassU.

    If $oldPassU is not correct and not 1, will return 0.

    If $oldPassU is 1, will force the change irrespective of the existing password, adding the user if necessary.

    Otherwise returns 1 on success, undef on failure.

    ObjectMethod passwordError( ) → $string

    returns a string indicating the error that happened in the password handlers

    returns undef if no error

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