Foswiki Release 1.0.10 - 08 Sep 2010

Foswiki - The Free and Open Source Wiki

Foswiki is an enterprise collaboration and information sharing tool targeted for professional use in many types of companies: from small businesses to large organizations.

Foswiki is a wiki: fundamentally, a website with editable web pages. It looks like a normal web site but it encourages contributions, edits, updates, questions, and answers from its users. It's a powerful way of enabling a community to communicate asynchronously using intranet and public internet websites. Foswiki is simple to learn and use. It aims to provide a transparent way for you to publish and exchange your ideas with others over the web and eliminates the one-webmaster syndrome of outdated intranet content.

Foswiki is a structured wiki with tools that enable users without programming skills to build powerful yet simple applications to process information and support workflows. Developers can extend the functionality of Foswiki with plugins.

Foswiki is the old TWiki project under a new name. Restrictions on the use of the TWiki brand resulted in many of its developers continuing the project under the new Foswiki name. Foswiki is backwards compatible with all content from older TWiki installations. Foswiki 1.0 ships with a TWikiCompatibilityPlugin installed and activated by default, thus enabling most extensions made for TWiki to work under Foswiki. Foswiki is released under the GNU General Public License.

Foswiki 1.0 Releases

  • Foswiki 1.0.0, the first Foswiki was released on 09 Jan 2009.
  • Foswiki 1.0.1 was released internally in the development community 23 Feb 2009 but we found a few important bugs that made us decide not to publish it and instead release a 1.0.2. It is a patch release with around 70 bug fixes and only very few minor enhancements.
  • Foswiki 1.0.2 was built 25 Feb 2009 and again we decided to stop the publishing for quality reasons because of one important bug.
  • Foswiki 1.0.3 was built 28 Feb 2009. We decided to stop the publishing because of a severe bug in EditTablePlugin introduced in 1.0.1 when fixing another bug.
  • Foswiki 1.0.4 was built 19 Mar 2009. It is a patch release with more than 120 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0 and only very few minor enhancements.
  • Foswiki 1.0.5 was built 25 Apr 2009. It is a patch release with more than 150 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0 and a few enhancements. This patch release further enhances the robustness and the security of the Foswiki software.
  • Foswiki 1.0.6 was built 21 Jun 2009. It is a patch release with more than 200 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0 and some enhancements. This version introduces a major enhancement in security against Cross-Site Request Forgery. Further more a central translation framework got introduced which ease the translation process and enables all users to contribute to translations.
  • Foswiki 1.0.7 was built 20 Sep 2009. It is a patch release with more than 240 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0 and some enhancements. This release fixes some serious issues introduced by the CSRF fix and the redirect cache fix in 1.0.6. Major enhancement that also fixes many annoying editor bugs is the upgrade of the Tiny MCE editor to version 3.2.2.
  • Foswiki 1.0.8 was built 29 Nov 2009. It is a patch release with more than 280 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0 and some enhancements. This release fixes a short list of quite annoying old bugs incl a bug that prevented efficient use of MailerContrib for producing newsletters. The Wysiwyg editor has been upgraded with the latest Tiny MCE editor release 3.2.7.
  • Foswiki 1.0.9 was built 17 Jan 2010. It is a patch release with more than 320 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0 and several enhancements. This release fixes many bugs in the Wysiwyg editor, bugs related to more advanced wiki applications and bugs in the Plugin API. It contains several bug fixes and enhancements related to security and spam fighting.
  • Foswiki 1.0.10 was built 08 Sep 2010 as a patch release with more than 410 bug fixes relative to 1.0.0. It is assumed to be the last 1.0.X release.

Pre-installed Extensions

Foswiki 1.0 is shipped with the following:

  • Plugins: CommentPlugin, EditTablePlugin, EmptyPlugin, InterwikiPlugin, PreferencesPlugin, RenderListPlugin, SlideShowPlugin, SmiliesPlugin, SpreadSheetPlugin, TablePlugin, TinyMCEPlugin, TwistyPlugin, WysiwygPlugin
  • Contribs: BehaviourContrib, JSCalendarContrib, MailerContrib, TipsContrib, TopicUserMappingContrib
  • Skins: PatternSkin
  • Compatibility support - TWikiCompatibilityPlugin

What's new — highlights

  • Foswiki 1.0 is built on a new platform called Foswiki Stand Alone which adds support for FastCGI and enables more optimized functionality in mod_perl and other similar runtime environments. Foswiki Stand Alone also enables future features such as running Foswiki by itself without a separate web server (for example, from a memory stick). You can ensure your applications and plugins will work properly on the new platform (and thus with any future capabilities dependent on the new architecture) by testing them out now with Foswiki 1.0.
  • A TWikiCompatibilityPlugin has been created that enables most extensions made for TWiki to work under Foswiki, and to support seamless migrations from TWiki to Foswiki.
  • The PatternSkin has been given a facelift: The PatternSkin topic offers a choice of multiple themes, the sidebar can be placed either on the left or right, a frame can be added around the main content area, and a TWiki theme is available to make it easier for those upgrading from TWiki (dimensions such as the top bar size match the dimensions in the TWiki PatternSkin).
  • The "Advanced Search" page now supports a query-based search.
  • A new section type, "expandvariables", adds better control over macro expansion in topic templates. You can now create template topics with sections where all macros contained within the sections are expanded.
  • A "Copy topic" feature is now present in the "More topic actions" tools.
  • IF conditions have been expanded with an "isempty" test condition.
  • viewfile script can be used as a webserver ErrorDocument enabling both more secure attachments and user focused error dialogs.
  • The Foswiki tgz / zip distribution file now has a top-level directory — Foswiki-x.y.z (x.y.z representing the version) — in which all of its files and subdirectories are contained.

Security Updates

  • Foswiki 1.0 has secured the powerful but also vulnerable URLPARAM macro against cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. URLPARAM now by default encodes a short list of unsafe characters '"<>% which eliminates most XSS possibilities encountered with URLPARAM. This protects all topics using the URLPARAM macro without requiring any changes to them.
  • Functions QUERYPARAMS, ORIGURL (skin macro) are secured against XSS attacks. QUERYPARAMS, like URLPARAM, is now encoded with the new, safe encoding.
  • The print preview link is no longer vulnerable to XSS attacks.
  • Additional security fixes have been made, based on security audits performed by the Foswiki team. Sensitive data from the topic text and web client requests are validated for safety.
  • From Foswiki 1.0.5 an additional security feature has been added so that saving data now requires the http method POST.
  • Foswiki 1.0.6 introduces a major security enhancement, protecting against Cross-Site Request Forgery. The extra safe "double submit" algorithm, as recommended by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) project has been used. This is the same algorithm used by several major banks and other security-conscious institutions, and requires that users have Javascript enabled.
See Foswiki:Support.SecurityFeatures for more information on these, and other, Foswiki security features. This is recommended reading for all Foswiki administrators.
  • Foswiki 1.0.7 extends the strikeone protection to also include attachment of files
  • Foswiki 1.0.9 extends the strikeone protection to also include user registration. Default minimum password length is now 7 characters (does not apply when upgrading)

Upgrading From TWiki

Foswiki is compatible with content generated using TWiki releases up to and including 4.3.1, as part of its design. This compatibility is at the disk file level, and means that upgrading from TWiki is easy and reliable.

As part of the creation of the Foswiki project, the Foswiki community is evaluating all of the hundreds of extensions that are available for TWiki. All that are working are ported over to the Foswiki name space. Many of them are being enhanced through the removal of bugs and security vulnerabilities, resulting in better, more functional plugins for Foswiki. The most popular plugins are already ported and more are added every day.

Terminology changes from TWiki

As part of the first Foswiki product release, various topics and terms were changed to avoid using the TWiki brand name and to more accurately reflect their purpose, including the following:

  • The TWiki web is now called System, as it contains configuration information for the entire Foswiki installation. The TWikiCompatibilityPlugin provides backwards compatible support for references to the TWiki web, in order to facilitate migrations from TWiki to Foswiki.
  • The %TWIKIWEB% and %MAINWEB% variables are now called %SYSTEMWEB% and %USERSWEB%
  • Topics in the Foswiki distribution have been renamed to eliminate the TWiki word and to make the titles more readable (for example, Plugins, Skins, and so forth).
  • All templates, CSS and Javascript names have been changed from twikiXxxxx to foswikiXxxxx
  • Key terminology changes:
TWiki term Foswiki term
TWiki variable Macro
preference(s) variable preference setting, or macro when referring to expansion of same
TWiki form Data form
TWiki Plugin Plugin
TWiki Template Skin Template
Topic Template Template Topic
TWiki Markup Language (TML) Topic Markup Language (TML)
TWiki Application Wiki Application

Topic names changed in System web (former TWiki web)

Old name New name
ATasteOfTWiki BeginnersStartHere
TWikiAccessControl AccessControl
TWikiAddOns ContributedAddOns
TWikiContribs Contribs
TWikiContributor ProjectContributor
TWikiCss CascadingStyleSheets
TWikiDocGraphics DocumentGraphics
TWikiDocumentation CompleteDocumentation
TWikiDownload DownloadSources
TWikiEditingShorthand EditingShorthand
TWikiEnhancementRequests EnhancementRequests
TWikiFaqTemplate FaqTemplate
TWikiFAQ FrequentlyAskedQuestions
TWikiForms DataForms
TWikiGlossary GlossaryOfTerms
TWikiHistory ReleaseHistory
TWikiInstallationGuide InstallationGuide
TWikiJavascripts JavascriptFiles
TWikiLogos ProjectLogos
TWikiMetaData MetaData
TWikiPlugins Plugins
TWikiPreferences DefaultPreferences
TWikiReferenceManual ReferenceManual
TWikiRegistration UserRegistration
TWikiReleaseNotes04x02 ReleaseNotes01x00
TWikiRenderingShortcut RenderingShortcut
TWikiScripts CommandAndCGIScripts
TWikiShorthand ShortHand
TWikiSiteTools SiteTools
TWikiSkinBrowser SkinBrowser
TWikiSkins Skins
TWikiSystemRequirements SystemRequirements
TWikiTemplates SkinTemplates
TWikiTemplates TemplateTopics
TWikiTopics TopicsAndWebs
TWikiTutorial TwentyMinuteTutorial
TWikiUpgradeGuide UpgradeGuide
TWikiUserAuthentication UserAuthentication
TWikiUsersGuide UsersGuide
TWikiVariablesQuickStart MacrosQuickStart
TWikiVariables Macros
TWikiWebsTable WebsTable
TWikiRegistrationAgent RegistrationAgent

TWikiPlannedFeatures, TWikiReleaseNotes04x00, TWikiSite, and WhatDoesTWikiStandFor have been removed.

Topic names changed in Main web

Old name New name
TWikiAdminGroup AdminGroup
TWikiGroupTemplate GroupTemplate
TWikiPreferences SitePreferences
TWikiGroups WikiGroups
TWikiContributor ProjectContributor
TWikiUsers WikiUsers
TWikiGuest WikiGuest
TWikiRegistrationAgent RegistrationAgent
TWikiAdminUser AdminUser

These changes have the following consequences when upgrading from TWiki to Foswiki:

  • You can either continue to use TWikiAdminGroup as your administrators group, or migrate your admin users to the Main.AdminGroup topic.
  • The users in the TWikiUsers topic must be merged into the Main.WikiUsers topic.
  • Your site preference settings from Main.TWikiPreferences must be copied to the Main.SitePreferences topic.

Please see UpgradeGuide#CopyUsersAndCustomizations for more information.

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.9

This release is expected to be the final bug fixing release for foswiki 1.0, and wraps up about 70 fixes found since 1.0.9.

Importantly, this release fixes an issue running configure on Perl 5.12, improves compatibility with proxy and enterprise search indexers, and updates the shipped plugins to the latest versions.

It resolves a number of issues for running foswiki on MS Windows.

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.8

This release fixes some of the new bugs that Tiny MCE Editor 3.2.7 introduced in previous release. This relates to bugs that are only seen in specific browser versions but are quite annoying to the users affected. This upgrade will improve the Wysiwyg experience.

The release includes many more minor bug fixes seen only by very advanced application developers and plugin developers.

It contains several bug fixes and enhancements related to security and spam fighting. The very advanced strikeone CSRF protection that was introduced in 1.0.6 has now also been implemented to make it harder to create registration bots. Reset of password and change of email address features are now both strike one protected and you can no longer change to an empty email address. Additionally logging has been added enabling the administrator to see both old and new email address after an email address change.

Default password length is now 7 instead of 1 character. Upgraders will be not be affected by this as the current used setting will already be in the LocalSite.cfg file.

A rare race condition has been identified where .htpasswd files could be truncated on a very busy site or during a spam robot attack. Foswiki now uses a file locking with a semaphore file to efficiently protect .htpasswd file from ever being changed by more than one process at a time.

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.7

The Wysiwyg editor is now using Tiny MCE editor version 3.2.7

The mailnotify feature has been fixed/enhanced so you can run newsletter in both 'changes' and 'news' mode so you can use the feature to automatically send newsletters independant of the normal change notices

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.6

The Wysiwyg editor has been upgraded to using Tiny MCE editor version 3.2.2 which solves many editor related bugs. The pickaxe icon has been replaced by a "Wiki Text" button as the pickaxe was hard to guess the function of. And the editor now has a full screen editing feature.

Several bugs fixed related to the Cross-Site Request Forgery feature.

Cross-Site Request Forgery feature has been enhanced to also protect against unwanted attachment of files

TablePlugin sorts numbers and dates better

EditTablePlugin handles SpreadSheetPlugin in footer rows correctly

Fixed a problem where Windows installations of Foswiki would create new users with non-working passwords

"Managing webs" feature redesigned for better usability

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.5

A major security enhancement against Cross-Site Request Forgery has been added. See Security Updates above.

EditTablePlugin has been through a major rewrite fixing many bugs and making it work much better with SpreadSheetPlugin.

Three new standard escapes $lt, $gt and $amp have been introduced to be used in formatted searches and other places that supports escapes in a format parameter.

A new footer parameter has been added to SEARCH

Two new parameters $ntopics and $nhits can be used in formatted searches to show the number of found items.

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.4

An additional security feature has been added so that saving data now requires the http method POST. This means that it is no longer possible to store data via an "<a href=..." link or img tag. It also means that if you have an application with an HTML form that creates new topics you must specify in the form tag method="post". This change is done to further tighten the security of Foswiki.

<form name="new" action="%SCRIPTURLPATH{save}%/Sandbox/" method="post">

The template webs _default and _empty are frequent targets for spammers because these webs are normally not monitored very carefully by the community around a Foswiki installation. These webs are now write protected so on an administrator can edit topics in these webs. When an administrator creates a new web it is important to remember to remove the access restriction from the WebPreferences in the new web.

SpreadSheetPlugin now has the new functions: $EMPTY(), $LEFTSTRING(), $RIGHTSTRING(), SUBSTRING(), $INSERTSTRING()

Important Changes since Foswiki 1.0.0

Fixed 70 bugs since Foswiki 1.0.0. Quite many of these are bugs that originate from TWiki 4.2.3. The most important bugs are
  • Fixed some bugs related to expired sessions and date in session cookies.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in configure related to installation of extensions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper operation with https
  • Fixed a bug related to VIEW_TEMPLATE and preview
  • Fixed a bug related to RcsLite corrupting topic history
  • Enhanced the user interface of configure
  • Added approx. 30 more bugs to the list of bugs fixed in 1.0.0 that we missed in the 1.0.0 version of these release notes.
  • Foswiki ships with {Sessions}{UseIPMatching} disabled by default now because the problems are getting bigger than the minimal security it gives

See full list of fixed bugs below.

Important Changes since TWiki 4.2.3

If this release had been a TWiki release it would have been 4.3.0

Since the fork of Foswiki happened while TWiki 4.2.3 was the current release, all changes since this release are listed below.

Foswiki Release 1.0.0 Details


Item38 Replace backtick, exec and system calls to use Sandbox..
Item41 Remove the duplicate TAG topics - like VarREVINFO and VarREVINFO2
Item42 SECURITY: REVINFO reveals info for a topic the user does not have permission to view.
Item67 Any topic that contains a webform that does not exist, causes the topic to be uneditable.
Item94 SubscribePlugin trips up on missing _alert()
Item109 Rename all topics that have the T-word in them
Item110 Replace all occurences of %TWIKIWEB% in core, docs and default plugins with System
Item113 Rebrand css classes from twikiXxxxx to foswikiXxxxxx
Item115 Delete ClassicSkin
Item116 Rebrand javascript classes
Item124 undefined ICONTOPIC causes crash
Item125 Search error 'grep for \btest\b failed..
Item128 Error in oopsmore
Item136 remove pattern skin css classes from default skin - replace with twiki* ready for re-brand
Item137 Register show user's a failure when sendmail returns non-zero
Item139 Do not use an Oops redirect when a URL is mistyped
Item168 Review all SEARCH statements in the docco & convert to query or more contemporary TML
Item175 Create TWiki compatibility plugin
Item191 remove the stupid kids from pattern skin
Item203 Rebrand the TipsContrib
Item205 Replace all TWiki webnames to System
Item206 Linking to Supplemental Documents
Item212 stop url(http://... something.png) from being made into a html link, so inline images in css style isn't terminal
Item217 Replace module/plugin of message at the top of source files
Item218 Change the links in plugins to
Item221 Change Interwiki links in docs to Foswiki
Item230 lib/CPAN/lib missing in INC path
Item240 Interval parser is a bit crap; no tests, and does too much work
Item244 nonwikiword is never really checked
Item254 add -Autoconf to
Item264 Rebrand pattern skin
Item265 Rebranding EditTablePlugin for Foswiki
Item267 Update file table in plugins that contains TWiki directories
Item273 Rename twiki.tmpl -> foswiki.tmpl
Item253 Remove hack from
Item287 Plugins documentation is incomplete
Item295 Replacing TWiki with Foswiki in core docs and default plugins
Item297 viewfile can't be used as a dropin replacement for {pubUrl}, and when viewfile fails it redirects to an oops mess
Item300 Rebranding root-level documentation
Item308 Preview renders a zero byte page when topic uses a view_template
Item309 Checkpoint save fotgets edit_template
Item312 Main.UserForm does not override TWiki.UserForm
Item314 Potential inadvertant linking on registration completion page
Item318 if you have a trailing / on your url, foswiki assumes all preceeding parts of the URL are webnames
Item319 Rewrite all SEARCH's in the distributed topics to use querySearch
Item327 Rebranding TablePlugin
Item328 Rebranding SmiliesPlugin for Foswiki
Item347 Rebranding SpreadSheetPlugin
Item367 Rebranding RenderListPlugin
Item370 Replace the favicon to Foswiki - and make the default setting come from System.ProjectLogos
Item375 Eliminate use of URLPARAM in docs so it becomes an XSS trap
Item384 Improve function getElementsByClassName
Item385 Improve layout attachment button and form header. Add attachment counter
Item386 calls javascript function launchWindow
Item391 QUERYPARAMSTRING and TOC only url encodes parameter values but not the names
Item393 Add default safe encoding for QUERYPARAMS and add "safe" type to ENCODE
Item401 OSX fails unit tests - notably UTF8 seg faults.
Item405 ORIGURL used in template login used for example for reset password is an XSS attach vector
Item406 WebSearch does not work with quoted word strings.
Item407 WebRss and Atom search does not work with quotes words
Item417 Undefined subroutine &Foswiki::Users:: ApacheHtpasswdUser::ListIterator called
Item418 Rebranding SlideShowPlugin
Item427 Url parameters lost after login, when login has triggered by the "login-link"
Item444 Adding a anchor "foswikiTOC" for the TOC to be able to jump up to it
Item462 Improved user interface and interaction on the topic that is shown when a topic does not exist
Item471 WebSearch and WebSearchAdvanced keep moveing the user to the TWiki web, rather than staying where the users asked to be
Item474 PreferencesPlugin does not understand Local
Item486 Beginners start here has obsolete content
Item491 UserListByPhotograph moved to Image Gallery plugin
Item509 Remove un-needed pub/WebPreferences/logo.gif files which are not used and still TWiki logos
Item510 Wysiwyg editor takes the background colour for the html body for the editor instead of applying a white background.
Item511 Twisty on login screen creates slightly invalid markup
Item528 Code validation is weak in places
Item529 fix_local_links needs to point to
Item540 Messages missing in for INCLUDE Errors
Item541 calling search bin with no empty search string results in white screen instead of response
Item549 FORMFIELD plugin does not render documented format variables; missing literal tokens
Item567 LoginManager not working with IP matching because of code error in Foswiki's interface to CGI::Session
Item569 ENCODE turns the value 0 into empty string ''
Item570 SPACEOUT fails if value or separator are the string 0
Item599 Get a Foswiki working in Windows with strawberry perl
Item602 Release tarball could be in a subdirectory
Item629 Unable to access root docs on some installations of Apache.
Item649 Only see TWiki as a valid web if TWikiCompatibilityPlugin is installed and enabled.
Item661 Copy edits to Foswiki release 1.0.0 documentation
Item667 Add WebChangesForAllWebs to System web in the release
Item669 VarADDTOHEAD topic appears to be missing
Item681 can't access system webs like _default
Item1607 TOC does not distinguish two headlines that have the same text
Item2525 TablePlugin produces bad links for sorting when using "short" URLs
Item4463 Template Path is wrong for Skin customization using topics
Item4835 SpreadSheetPlugin functions SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE cannot return number 0 or empty string
Item4868 Bulk Register fails if Main web is Set ALLOWWEBCHANGE = TWikiAdminGroup
Item4906 Filename of attachments containing a wikiword inside ( ) messes up the file attachment table and other UI
Item5006 Interwiki rule: change Bugs: to Foswikitask:, and Rev: to Foswikirev:
Item5176 %SCRIPTSUFFIX is added twice in TOC links
Item5213 SCRIPTNAME not defined when using Sun One Web Server
Item5350 NONWIKIWORDFLAG is not resolved
Item5351 WebCreateNewTopic filters out international characters
Item5406 Don't let a skin update break existing left bars and top bar
Item5453 value of "0" improperly handled as param to ENCODE and SPACEOUT
Item5637 Move languages.cache to Working where webserver has permission to write so we can leave Locales read only
Item5848 Number of topics resulting from 2 SEARCH's onthe same topic seems in error (and seems to be duplicated too.
Item5852 Split out operators into seperate modules, so that extensions can plug in new operators.
Item5859 Plugin does not work if using NTLM
Item5900 PatternSkinCustomization and WysiwygPlugin still mention kupu and COMPOSER
Item5910 %TOC variable creates links with unnecessary query string
Item5922 $formfield data not being displayed in formatted searches
Item5926 Topics with Chinese in UTF8 destroys page view in Internet Explorer
Item5937 move initialization of SwitchBoard to TWiki.spec
Item5939 Rogue <p /> below </html> on every topic in every web
Item5943 TWikiRegistrationAgent should be in the admin group
Item5944 The padding:1px for textareas makes it hard to place the cursor at the begining of a line
Item5957 htdigest format password file gets stomped on password or email change/reset
Item5961 WysiwygPlugin and TWiki's odd idea of needing a space before *'s causes user surprise.
Item5965 Document `t' parameter of edit
Item5967 viewfile sees dots in file names as a web separator
Item5979 add non-alarmist PerlOnRedHatIsSlow detection to configure
Item5991 JSCalendarContrib does not work correctly in IE7
Item5994 turn on taint mode in configure and fix the problems
Item6000 Changes tracked by loginname not wikiname
Item6005 EditTable Changes "label"-formatted cell in unexpected way
Item6006 redirectCgiQuery doesn't handle fragments properly & needs minor tweak
Item6014 Integration of SortedHeadPlugin into core (Process Add To Head Adds)
Item6022 ENCODE{} treats % as safe character
Item6026 With header format emtpy table is initialized with one column only
Item6031 TablePlugin date sorting is broken.
Item6039 Preview does not respect VIEW_TEMPLATE
Item6041 TinyMCE bug with Firefox 3 and bulleted lists
Item6043 TWiki::Sandbox::sysCommand leads to errors with Extensions.FastCGIEngineContrib
Item6050 statistics script fails when cuid is not == login name (as login is whats in the log files...)
Item6054 No longer possible to have a twisty on one line without linebreak
Item6060 configure's get more extensions seems to require LWP
Item6061 TWiki::Func::getContext docco
Item6062 EditTablePlugin destroys verbatim-tags
Item6066 MailerContrib makes an assumption that cuid == loginname
Item6072 Can't call method "generate" on unblessed reference at lib/TWiki/Plugins/WysiwygPlugin/HTML2TML/ line 630.
Item6082 Deep recursion bug in query search
Item6083 configure hostname warning is case sensitive
Item6089 backslash at end of line inside verbatim and pre being used as line continuation
Item6095 Registration confirmation page fails to display when user confirmation e-mail can't be sent
Item6108 add docco for customising the registration emails.
Item8003 TWiki.SmiliesPlugin TOPIC variable not used for images


Item39 Add a query search option to webSearchAdvanced
Item51 Option to put buttons above the table
Item381 Add linkclass to style Twisty links
Item442 Throwing a OopsException can now be done with an message by argument
Item1873 Need Copy topic, not just move and rename
Item3647 Usability: Control over variable expansion in topic templates
Item4875 Add javascript function 'makeSafeForTableEntry'
Item5916 Add IsEmpty To IF conditions

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.1 Details


Item707 System.InstallationGuide has incorrect link to list of users
Item714 Add a Legacy engine, so Contribs that add scripts to bin dir can work
Item727 Comment plugin loses data
Item736 Comment plugin doesn't know about Compare Revisions
Item742 Wrong print in Foswiki::Engine::finalizeHeaders
Item744 Malformed HTTP-Expire-header => data loss after Back-Button in https preview page
Item745 Finalizing proof-reading of fr.po
Item750 INCLUDINGWEB and INCLUDINGTOPIC will cause confusion when used in an INCLUDE chain
Item751 Installed Plugins should be listed on the AdminTools topic explicitly
Item753 Foswiki::Time::parseTime has a major parsing bug for some date formats
Item754 found a pattern skin doc that uses T*
Item763 change /Foswiki to /System in foswiki_httpd_conf.txt
Item764 Additional extensions installed via configure "FindMoreExtensions" get not listed in the "Installed Version" column and are not "upgradeable"
Item767 AUTOINC in the title messes up merge and crashes
Item776 Installer truncates dependencies in plugins
Item781 Forms fields expand variables like $nop, $quote $percnt
Item791 Cannot set WEBHEADERART in pattern skin anymore
Item793 Print crops the page in PatternSkin and thus in skin
Item818 Foswiki::Request::url doesn't honor $Foswiki::cfg{ScriptSuffix}
Item819 bad class selectors in template make it impossible to style certain elements
Item833 Missing SYSTEMWEB in foswiki_vars
Item835 Exchanged the current default skin by something which is not written in totaly broken html
Item836 view of raw information on a topic that doesn't exist causes BOOM
Item841 the warning parameter if ignored for Sectional INCLUDEs
Item846 Query search length operator not documented
Item855 Query syntax in IF statements does not work with underscore topic names
Item873 expired cgi session files not deleted
Item875 Small Docu update in func
Item885 bin/manage/Web goes BOOM
Item889 Documentation for protecting pub files with Apache incorrect
Item893 configure extension installer DOS's by doing a saveTopic and saveAttachment
Item904 Remove test strings
Item906 why are we using '.' to find setlib.cfg when FindBin is in Perl?
Item908 adding a script suffix seems to confuse the url parsing code
Item909 VIEW_TEMPLATE overrides preview template, leaving out all topic actions
Item913 JSCalendarContrib::addHEAD or Func::addToHEAD used in any xxxTagsHandler causes deep recursion
Item918 Small docu update for JSCalendarContrib
Item923 Adding two new fields to the default response header: Action and URI.
Item926 Foswiki.spec {AccessibleENV} must list FOSWIKI_ACTION instead of TWIKI_ACTION
Item928 Update documentation of Foswiki::Request
Item945 RcsLite corrupts file's history
Item952 email failure for password reset, pwd change and i think rego too oops output broken
Item965 {Register}{HidePassword} = $FALSE; not respected when the password is generated by
Item972 Undefined subroutine &Foswiki::Form::Select::TAINT called
Item973 SEARCH adds extra separator for header
Item977 WebChanges eats first word of link text
Item980 Moving a topic doesn't update TOPICMOVED
Item990 Update graphics, html and css
Item995 When editing a form only, "Save and Continue" leads to the full edit screen
Item1002 System.InstallationGuide doesn't mention Development.FoswikiStandAlone
Item1010 Configure opening and closing of panels is clunky
Item1011 Configure fails with cryptic error in Configure/ line 315 when RCS is not available on the system
Item1014 Configure complains when extra spaces are added in data structure
Item1016 ISO time formats have no timezone designator
Item1017 EditTablePlugin again cannot save textareas with formatting because of wrong handling of new lines
Item1018 Protect verbatim class="xxx" when editing
Item1020 TemplateLogin corrupts origurl param
Item1022 ?logout=1 ignores the requested topic and returns to original topic
Item1023 System.CommandAndCGIScripts is missing docco on ?logout=1 url param
Item1029 TemplateLogin provides status 200 if no username is give, changed to 400
Item1053 Fix broken HTML
Item1070 Line75 of has an excess $
Item1073 Configure should not load Plugins that are hidden - ie files starting with a dot
Item1074 Remove link from data form table in preview
Item1078 Remove unwanted spaces in default templates
Item1094 invalid expiry date for session cookies
Item1097 HIDECOMMENTS is broken
Item1121 Sync the default apache config with the ApacheConfigGenerator
Item5352 Improve Email address validator to be more correct.
Item5853 PurePerl taint error inspired fix.
Item5920 TWikiGroups shows all members twice
Item6128 Login names with dots not working properly
Item8051 Use of uninitialized value in list assignment


Item523 Small user interface improvements to configure
Item967 Publish the iterators
Item1015 Add "use factory settings" links to Configure
Item1049 Table improvements for configure's FindMoreExtensions

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.2 Details


Item630 Fix the code in to use UNIVERSAL::require instead of eval use
Item1119 Can crash foswiki by typing arbitrary meta into a topic
Item1123 Remove reference to Support.Foswiki01x00x00 in InstallationGuide
Item1124 EditTablePlugin cannot use Macros for the format string
Item1126 Change in 1.0.1 causes crash when you have standard installation and no LocalLib.cfg and we can no longer run unit tests on Windows
Item1132 Foswiki::Func::getPreferencesValue docco is a little weird
Item1134 Use of uninitialized value in string eq at .../lib/Foswiki/ line 296.
Item1135 Missing API documentation
Item6018 GMTIME{}% does not return the right value for $week in ISO8601



Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.3 Details


Item1055 Find More Extensions should compare installed version with latest version
Item1172 Foswiki::Request::param fails if parameter name is 0 or ''
Item1173 Javascript error with find more extensions
Item1176 Search page jumps focus to bottom
Item1177 configure doesn't install dependencies
Item1184 CALC inside table is not working
Item1189 Typo PatternSkinCustomization
Item1197 configure extension installer fails with taint error
Item1198 configure extension installer reports all extension rev numbers wrong



Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.4 Details


Item993 Log is (too) inaccurate
Item1055 Find More Extensions should compare installed version with latest version
Item1172 Foswiki::Request::param fails if parameter name is 0 or ''
Item1173 Javascript error with find more extensions
Item1176 Search page jumps focus to bottom
Item1177 configure doesn't install dependencies
Item1184 CALC inside table is not working
Item1189 typo PatternSkinCustomization
Item1197 configure extension installer fails with taint error
Item1198 configure extension installer reports all extension rev numbers wrong
Item1212 save from preview does not work
Item1214 Add 'px' if no size unit is passed
Item1217 PatternSkinCssCookbookNoLeftBar advice could be a little more useful
Item1221 EditTablePlugin cannot read a TABLE tag with macros
Item1227 PermittedRedirectHostUrls don't show up in the configure web page
Item1236 foswiki has problems with "special" characters in usernames (e.g. +)
Item1242 EditTablePlugin cannot move rows correctly when we have footerrows
Item1267 statistics cronjob does not work
Item1268 EditTablePlugin javascript does not save the changes in the last row of a table
Item1274 admin tools topic should list WikiGroups topic.
Item1276 Setting new parent for a normal web seems to fail
Item1281 initial configure advice on creating admin user could be a little more direct
Item1292 EditTablePlugin puts line between EDITTABLE and TABLE with search results
Item1293 PurePerl SEARCH crashes on distributed topic
Item1299 Moving a web or single topic does not corrently update links in topics
Item1300 Foswiki::Store::createWeb uses hash values as keys when changing WebPreferences
Item1306 When your IP address changes after authentication you cannot reauthenticate and server may crash
Item1307 Moving a web does not correctly update links to the moved web
Item1308 EditTablePlugin has problems with included topics with included edittable definition
Item1316 Disable IP Matching by default to avoid problems for people moving between LAN and WLAN or using load share gateways
Item1332 querystrings with semicolon or & but no valid parameter assignment gives error log entries
Item8055 Adding TWiki::ListIterator and TWiki::LineIterator to TWikiCompatibilityPlugin
Item8072 Error in Bridge between TWiki::Time and Foswiki::Time


Item1604 Implement use of RELEASE tag for extensions in addition to VERSION

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.5 Details


Item647 You cannot SEARCH for the Value of "0"
Item931 Correct and simplify the {AuthScripts} documentation in configure
Item978 does not work with files as extracted from tgz
Item1050 Explanation at {ExtensionsRepositories} is not clear
Item1214 In TablePlugin - Add 'px' if no size unit is passed
Item1343 TinyMCEQuickHelp has bad META format, missing line feed causes it to show in topic text.
Item1349 executes "-" instead of requested program on Strawberry perl on Windows XP
Item1354 SEARCHDEFAULTTYPE causes confusing and the misspelling means that people think this is the problem
Item1358 EditTablePlugin deep recurses in many cases
Item1372 Plugin installation fails on Windows - can't find Archive::Tar
Item1384 Creating webs with empty field values in the submit form fails
Item1388 View topic since and other settings are not connected
Item1403 Use of uninitialized value at lib/
Item1413 System.WebLeftBarSearch search field javascript not blanking box when focused
Item1416 TOC anchor links broken
Item1443 We still have 1.0 format in distributed topics
Item1451 Typos on System.TextFormattingRules
Item1453 Too hard to create new switchboard entries, doc is poor
Item1456 Access viewfile without web/file results in oops
Item1458 Don't allow saving data when http method is GET
Item1468 Topics with regex quantifier characters such as + in their names prevent other topics from being moved
Item1472 Remove bookview from WebSearchAdvanced. And update docu to warn about it
Item1485 _default web permissions are wrong
Item1493 More screen shows wrong link to parent if the topic is in a subweb.
Item1502 Raw Edit javascript for resize window and font does not work in IE
Item1505 Plugin installation fails on windows - read-only files cannot be replaced.
Item1524 Country list on registration form is not 100% alphabetical
Item5471 The character 0 cannot be replaced using the replace-funtion of the SpreadSheetPlugin
Item5791 Topics using parenthesis in name cause regex errors
Item8124 TCP TWiki web preferences too open


Item1374 Add New New $EMPTY(), $LEFTSTRING(), $RIGHTSTRING(), SUBSTRING(), $INSERTSTRING() functions to SpreadSheetPlugin
Item1381 Add depth parameter to META
Item1474 DocumentGraphics new images
Item4163 Bulgarian translation

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.6 Details


Item1013 WysywigPlugin requires HTML::Parser but does not ship with it and does not give dependency in Configure
Item1341 TinyMCE converts TML lettered & roman numeral lists back to numbered lists.
Item1397 Typewriter-Formatting does not work in tables
Item1406 SpreadSheetPlugin and EditTablePlugin cannot coexist
Item1528 SpreadSheetPlugin's WORKINGDAYS calculates incorrectly
Item1535 "Typewriter" applied to bold text does not work
Item1538 Topics in Main web and new webs do not validate as clean xhtml
Item1544 EditTablePlugin no longer disables sort when editing
Item1553 PatternSkin top bar height documentation
Item1556 installer installing files twice
Item1567 configure links to non-existent anti-spam plugin
Item1588 Not clear that limit parameter in SEARCH works at topic level and cannot be used to limit multiple results
Item1593 Installing plugins from vanilla Foswiki 1.0.5 does not work
Item1605 Correct the code docco in
Item1634 VarFAILEDPLUGINS links need fixing
Item1640 CommentPlugin writes "%" as html-code, which prevents the use of Macros
Item1644 RSS and ATOM will not display correct if cover is set globally
Item1668 The action template in CommentPlugin creates actions on one long line
Item1671 Pathnames of Attachments inappropriate in default Plugins
Item1673 Mising Content-Type in mailresetpassword.tmpl
Item1675 Add pptx, docx and xlsx to icon type list
Item1678 socket implementation of is broken
Item1682 SEARCH does not work well with format being blank
Item1688 Left over enableTWikiMandatoryChecks in edit template causes warnings in JS debuggers
Item1689 JS error in preview
Item1690 Call to the resetpasswd script is not logged
Item1703 preview fails when an unknown view_template is used
Item1707 Deleting attachments in NAT and QUICKMENU do not work
Item1711 Some authentication services do not pass on parameters
Item1712 Warning in TopicUserMapping when Registration is disabled
Item1713 WebSearch does not pass excludetopic parameter
Item1714 Remove (tm)wiki from search results
Item1717 class foswikiTopicText missing in WebCreateNewTopicTemplate and TopicDoesNotExistViewTemplate
Item1718 Hex values in topic form fields are misread as anchors
Item1722 FORMFIELD documentation is difficult to understand and there is an error in the example
Item1725 Oops: we could not recognize you truncated in French language
Item1726 CALC in EditTablePlugin causes errors during editing
Item1730 initPlugin does not get the $installWeb if $NO_PREFS_IN_TOPIC = 1
Item1732 uses {version} without checking if it's undef
Item1738 Better line heights when font tag is used
Item1739 Prevent js error in edit screen
Item1752 PROXY is inadequately documented
Item3212 Rcs Lite can't recover from damaged version histories
Item5391 Dragging corners of table removes TML markup
Item8141 Variables/classes called old name in doc typo
Item8173 TablePlugin does not understand standard date formats
Item8184 Fix link to UserCommentsTemplate


Item886 Add footer parameter to SEARCH
Item1095 EditTablePlugin: Hide ugly long CALC when editing replaced by static text CALC
Item1568 Synchronise form submits with sessions to enhance further security against CSRF
Item1595 Add feature AddNumberOfTopicsToFormattedSearch to 1.0.6 and 1.1.0
Item1710 New standard escapes $lt, $gt and $amp to be used in SEARCH
Item5628 it would be useful if there was a version check in the wysiwyg JS

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.7 Details


Item966 configure fails with parse error if a Config.spec file has a PERL EXPERT section
Item1509 version comparison fails given x.y.z format
Item1572 Error using Configure -> 'Find More Extensions' after installing GaugePlugin
Item1687 Documentation bug in ManagingUsers, customizing registration emails
Item1729 Have more flexibility in Twisty's remember setting
Item1741 %TOPICURL% does not work correctly in %INCLUDE%
Item1766 Redirecting to https://foswiki_redirect_cache... on first login of a browser session
Item1768 %Q (info icon) Macro mistake
Item1776 Command line save gets stopped by validation
Item1780 Under Windows using sha1 passwords new registrations create non working password
Item1781 Uploading files can trigger taint errors if certain plugins are installed
Item1782 Errors in, Archive::Tar not found
Item1805 Foswiki Validation Method 'none' doesn't work propperly
Item1818 add "new" countries to System.UserRegistration
Item1822 IF broken for numerical comparisons against zero
Item1825 Wrong formatting of the Wikipedia InterWiki reference to Crontab article in System.SiteTools
Item1847 mailnotify doesn't expand BASEWEB properly
Item1878 Numerical Sort in table columns broken
Item1897 TinyMCEPlugin_installer: Version checking of dependency of WysiwygPlugin is confusing
Item1921 CSRF: {Validation}{Method} = 'strikeone' Confirmation Dialog messes up retarded execution macros
Item1941 Small improvement to rest example
Item1980 Sticky tags within Verbatim Tags results in data loss
Item2001 TablePlugin: Numbers with suffix do not sort if negative
Item2011 Small syle improvements for PatternSkin merged in from trunk; version for Foswiki 1.0.7
Item2018 give distributed topics useful and relevant parent's
Item2034 Missed some tmwiki rebranding in tools/
Item2051 EditTablePlugin assumes a TABLE tag when disabling sorting on the edit screen
Item2057 Improve error feedback unit tests
Item2058 Usability: links in headers should be visible as links
Item2061 vbar not escaped properly in logger
Item2078 Bum macro in form def name causes death by exception
Item2087 SpreadSheetPlugin forgets about zeros being floats as well
Item2091 Enabling LINKTOOLTIPINFO causes taint error
Item2099 WebCreateNewTopic deletes the just entered topic name when picking parent from list
Item2104 Update javascript to work with Explorer 8
Item2115 Upload doesn't strikeone
Item2117 RenderListPlugin Moved default themes out of plugin topic for efficiency.
Item2118 SmiliesPlugin Removed default preferences from plugin topic for efficiency
Item2381 documentation updates for 1.0.8
Item6024 Can't handle comment templates in subwebs
Item8230 Edittable is replacing SpreadSheetPlugin-formulas with the text "CALC" in headers and footers
Item8269 CommentPlugin: broken anchor target


Item310 Managing webs redesigned for better usability.
Item400 unit test runner should be more magical smile
Item1793 remove topic summary in list of backlinks in rename-topic
Item2070 Upgrade TinyMCE editor to v 3.2.2
Item8114 Replace the pickaxe icon by something more meaningful

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.8 Details


Item913 JSCalendarContrib::addHEAD or Func::addToHEAD used in any xxxTagsHandler and in some cases ADDTOHEAD causes deep recursion
Item1302 mailnotify ignores -news operand
Item1438 textareabuttons are not displayed when NOWYSIWYG is 1
Item1558 WYSIWYG does not work on Opera with Mac
Item1936 assumes the {editby} field is a cUID and tries to getWikiName before it finds the real cUID
Item2043 parseTime should return undef for invalid date
Item2130 TablePlugin initsort parameter is not tested before use
Item2137 configure fails to show many many plugins in Find More Extensions
Item2148 If a user's loginname happens to be a wikiword reset pwd looks rubbish
Item2151 EDIT_TEMPLATE with missing edit template makes it impossible to edit the topic
Item2182 Broken link in PatternSkin docu
Item2183 Unable to center text with Wysiwyg editor
Item2222 Conversion to HTML failed. TML:
Item2230 mime.types needs entry for Office 2007
Item2238 Foswiki::Time does not recognise 1-Jan-2004 as a date
Item2260 MailerContrib cannot find email templates based on skin or web
Item2261 lease conflict page dosn't link properly to wikipages that aren't WikiWord's
Item2270 Help Tiny MCE's wordcount plugin get correct count when first opening up the editor
Item2315 appears to be unable to fetch Foswiki extensions if LWP not installed
Item2316 escaped cUID's in topic for users that are not mapped are displayed in escaped ascii form
Item2320 send the wiki guest to the login screen if they navigate to a topic they are denied access to
Item2329 DEPENDENCIES version field cannot be empty
Item2348 don't fill the log files with uninited vars when previewing
Item2351 Use filetest 'access' instead of 'stat'
Item2352 WysiwygPlugin doesn't protect %Macros% with lowercase
Item2374 DocumentGraphics icons added to aid upgrading from old project
Item2377 don't use ref($this) to ASSERT on class, as it breaks subclasses
Item2381 documentation updates for 1.0.8
Item2404 Documentation of PatternSkinCustomization contains error about VIEW_TEMPLATE
Item2405 Backlinks tempates show topic form and attachments
Item2406 Allow the "allow non wiki word" message to be skinned
Item2407 Remove empty paragraph from login template
Item2408 Make action buttons easier to skin
Item2410 Remove hardcoded padding setting in WebChangesAlert
Item2411 NOSEARCHALL not intuitive
Item2412 Unable to select first attachment in TinyMCE insert image dialogue
Item2413 When I use a script that uses oops to show results, the web page title is wrong.
Item2414 configure crashes when some strange .po file exist
Item2417 Fix for horizontally compressed printing in Safari
Item5366 BulkResetPassword confirmation lacks an OK button
Item8084 Confusing "Bad request" during upgrade when going 3048 => 3236
Item8292 System.MailerContrib in 1.07 and F.O needs URL typo to SubscribePlugin fixed


Item2245 Upgrade TinyMCEPlugin to 3.2.7
Item2341 Add blockquote button to TinyMCE

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.9 Details


Item446 Make redirectto aware of anchors in links
Item1462 WYSIWYG-attaches to wrong topic when creating new autonumbered topic
Item1960 Extension installer fails on FreeBSD
Item2301 $LISTJOIN can't handle empty separator
Item2305 Setting $Foswiki::cfg{AllowInlineScript} = 0 will kill strikeone
Item2337 ATTACHFILESIZELIMIT check fails confusingly if value is "0 "
Item2423 getRevisionInfo can't deal with dots in the web name
Item2434 BASE windowtitle
Item2437 MailerContrib documentation points to a non existing PublishContrib
Item2439 rewriteshbang typed wrong in installation guide
Item2447 Unable to apply "normal" format in wysiwyg editor
Item2470 Remove spurious newline from attachagain template
Item2476 Slow, erratic editing in plain textareas with IE8
Item2482 Improved documentation for date formats in TablePlugin
Item2494 Document that registrationHandler does not trigger until activation key submitted
Item2495 OopsException documents false example using macros in parameters
Item2499 Enabling a wrong language in the LocalSite.cfg breaks Foswiki
Item2504 Search for windows should be setup for Pureperl instead of Forking
Item2506 ICONTOPIC setting is too literal, so a space at the end breaks the setting
Item2510 Universal Edit Button link does not append an accurate timestamp, so the browser loads a cached edit screen
Item2512 Remove photoshop files from distribution
Item2520 Reading form field values from topic happens with tainted topic name
Item2529 Issues with beforeSaveAttachment plugin dispatch (release 1.0.x scope)
Item2532 InstallationGuide refers to Foswikibug instead of Foswikitask
Item2537 Race condition in updating htpasswd can cause truncated htpasswd file
Item2542 empty paths in configure result in "NOT SET"
Item2544 sync TWikiDocGraphics
Item2551 The strikeone action parameter name clashes with manage script
Item2559 Some calls to checkValidationKey contains unused parameters
Item2564 Lots of broken parent links in System web
Item2567 Check for valid email address when changing email address
Item2606 Topics created on 29th of February in a leap year fails
Item2609 broken - Plugin installation fails if using tar instead of Archive::Tar
Item2641 Link to "more topic actions" on history page calls wrong template
Item2647 RSS feed of search does not store excludetopic
Item2649 Search box in top bar does not keep search phrase
Item2650 Link to advanced search transfers limited number of search parameters
Item2651 Not all search parameters are used in search on WebSearch
Item8213 Default settings for JSCalendarContrib are currently hard coded. Move them into a config.spec.
Item8354 Newsletter mode fails if %STARTPUBLISH%/%STOPPUBLISH% used in the topic
Item8374 "Delete last row" button removes newly added rows


Item2497 Add strikeone protection also for the register case
Item2556 Increase default {MinPasswordLength} to 7 characters
Item2565 Log when user changes email address
Item2568 Add strikeone protection for reset password and change email on 1.0.9

Foswiki Patch Release 1.0.10 Details


Item709 Foswiki in virtual hosting with SuexecUserGroup creates directories with wrong permissions
Item1029 TemplateLogin provides incorrect status for Authentication requests & failures.
Item1440 Form: get find category template twikicatitems error in foswiki warning log file
Item1701 Reset password doesn't work with
Item1728 Exclamation mark nop in form fields are not removed when not in TEXT
Item1825 Wrong formatting of the Wikipedia InterWiki reference to Crontab article in System.SiteTools
Item1829 Configure shouldn't crash if there is no LocalSite.cfg
Item2131 All warnings causes Foswiki to throw message "Foswiki detected an internal error." with CGI 3.47
Item2322 Don't send Status 200 for non-existent pages
Item2370 TwistyPlugin generates illegal id= values when used in subwebs
Item2452 Document that topic level preferences are never read from old revisions of a topic.
Item2484 Password Manager Foswiki::Users::ApacheHtpasswdUser doesn't create empty .htpasswd if none exists
Item2542 empty paths in configure result in "NOT SET"
Item2618 TinyMCEPlugin inserts weird HTML that breaks TML tables
Item2623 PROXY settings should be moved out of EXPERT mode once authentication is implemented
Item8403 TablePlugin initdirection does not work in persistant perl environment
Item8418 cache more filetypes with mod_expires (.ico added; .jpeg added--.jpg already there)
Item8434 spelling mistakes
Item8436 Acronym linking is not documented
Item8483 On Windows, unable to install files into bin due to incorrect path
Item8490 TemplateLogin now returns 200 - login checks for 400
Item8500 InterwikiPlugin not FastCGI safe
Item8525 System.ManagingWebs does not provide defaulting of form field
Item8538 Unit tests run without taint checking, and miss taint issues
Item8553 System.ManagingWebs should explain that _empty is rarely a good choice.
Item8556 Local Anchors don't use relative form
Item8566 TinyMCEPlugin stops working in IE when JQueryPlugin and ZonePlugin is installed.
Item8583 word search is labeled as 'topic name' in the WebSearchAdvanced topic
Item8609 Top bar image with color profile causes color gap at right
Item8613 foswikiCheckbox not listed in CascadingStyleSheets
Item8615 Printing Foswiki page in Firefox only prints first page and then footer on next
Item8622 Unit test contrib missing DEPENENCIES
Item8630 Improve search help
Item8633 Empty search result with header with empty search string
Item8643 Stopwords do not work with + syntax
Item8657 SEARCHes of type word do not work if word is non-English and the wiki is setup for UTF8
Item8685 Table sorting incorrect for numbers with decimal places
Item8709 REVINFO formating code did case insensitive format token replacement.
Item8713 Incorrect behavior when invalid web name built when converting spaced text to a topic name.
Item8718 Nop exclamation mark in form field not removed when inside bracket link
Item8732 2 missing foswiki css class names
Item8747 Foswiki documentation on attachments unclear
Item8760 Fix dangling links in HierarchicalTopicNavigation
Item8785 SEARCH zeroresults option works in 1.0 but the docco is about as unhelpful as you can get
Item8791 ONLYIF function used for conditional dependencies when installing extensions doesn't work.
Item8820 foswikiIcon missing from css documentation
Item8851 TemplateLogin does not log failure and other events.
Item8865 rdiff DIFFRENDERSTYLE does not work as expected
Item8874 Topic System.LoginName references wrong Users list
Item8886 configure Extension installer and lister is not very forgiving of errors
Item8889 UI for configure, Plugins is overwhelming and presents little-used configuration options in normal mode
Item8896 SpreadSheetPlugin ignores SKIPINCLUDE option
Item8903 INCLUDE will return entire topic if pattern does not match
Item8967 Crashes with CPAN module Net::LDAP::Constant
Item8979 Dependency check fails if target module is installed, but fails to load due to missing dependencies.
Item9021 Foswiki doesn't verify if the web exist when create a subweb
Item9025 Username is blank when login template is re-displayed after login failure
Item9039 redirect error when redirection goes to correct server, but missing a trailng slash
Item9059 Further counter measures needed to avoid truncated .htpasswd
Item9069 MailerContrib::WebNotify fails with Taint issues. Subscriber names/addresses are tainted.
Item9101 Configure::Load contains defined(%hash)
Item9127 CompareRevisionsAddOn should call HTML::Element->delete to avoid memory leaks
Item9159 Perl 5.12 deprecates defined for hash and arrays. Configure fails on windows
Item9169 core/tools/ should check for the existence of /usr/share/lighttpd/
Item9175 Bracketed links with question marks are not rendered
Item9177 eachChange returns tainted topic names
Item9185 Checker for ScriptSuffix does not detect inconsistent setting
Item9274 Double slash in path to CPAN/lib
Item9308 InterwikiPlugin reads InterWikis topic without checking access permissions
Item9310 InterwikiPlugin used to allow ' in links
Item9321 Logging of logout event exposed uninitialized string in logger
Item9327 Documentation topic for WIKIWEBMASTER is missing
Item9331 configue gets confused by commented out settings
Item9351 Canonicalise list processing
Item9376 can't create new web as any webbgcolor is considered invalid
Item9382 Improve error reporting if Foswiki is unable to read LocalSite.cfg
Item9417 Configure guesses incorrect /pub urlpath if /bin not in path for very short URLs
Item9429 VarINCLUDE should clearly differentiate the options than only apply to URL style includes
Item9441 bin/htaccess.txt needs to clarify the tailoring instructions
Item9489 TablePlugin sort should strip extraneous HTML from string data before comparing
Item9536 don't guess windows paths with backslash and then forcethem to change them to fowardslash
Item9542 mailprogram checker in configure should error or warn if its not there.
Item9549 TestCaseAutoSpreadSheetPlugin should not be an 'Auto, because is uses different urlparams as it needs SSP
Item9556 Plugins released with 1.0.10 should be the most recent available from the Extensions web.
Item9568 CommentPlugin::commonTagsHandler has wrong signature
Item9569 Non-trivial macros are rendered within verbatim blocks of included topics
Item9575 Rename WebChangesAlert to WebNotifyHelp
Item9593 Realm settings between Foswiki.spec and httpd_conf and htaccess don't match.
Item9594 an unsupported htpasswd encoding setting corrupts your password file.
Item9596 apache digest auth examples should include the IE hack setting.
Item9601 CommentPlugin forces uprev each time you save
Item9614 Cruddy regex in preview mangles links
Item9616 add new 1.1 Group topic forward compatibility to 1.0.10
Item9630 Configure lures people into installing Unicode::MapUTF8 though it is for Perl 5.6 only. This makes configure fail
Item9633 configure will not run and creation of bogus NOT SET dir depending on ErrorDocument setting in apache config.


Item3499 Additional granularty to "ALLOWTOPICCHANGE"
Item8619 Improve documentation on UserForm
Item8677 Change JSCalendarContrib (used for instance for date fields in an EditTable) to display time selector if formatting parameters contains time
Item8795 TLC for SearchPatternCookbook
Item9591 Eliminate use of commonTagsHandler
Item9592 Add JQuery/AJAX example

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