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WebAntenne in Dmi web 16 May 2009 - 15:03 - r19 RichardRogers

webantennE eParticipation and webantennE Conventional eParticipation initiatives involve "the use of information and communication technologies to broaden and d...
Tags: geo-location, source distance, tag, thread, webantenne

DutchUniversities in Dmi web 07 Oct 2007 - 15:29 - r17 michael

Comparing Anonymous Wikipedia Production by Dutch Universities Introduction Every year, the Dutch weekly Elsevier conducts a large survey among students and prof...
Tags: geo-location, webantenne, wikiscanner

WebsitesPolitiekePartijen in Dmi web 31 Aug 2007 - 12:10 - r2 ErikBorra

Websites politieke partijen en organisaties (Deze lijst wordt bij nader inzien niet gebruikt voor webantenne) * Linkripper Harvester: http://politiek.start...
Tags: dataset, webantenne

WikiScanner in Dmi web 12 Sep 2008 - 09:02 - r8 MichaelStevenson

Repurposing the Wikiscanner Introduction The Wikiscanner 'de anonymizes' edits on Wikipedia, linking IP addresses to the organizations and institutions where ...
Tags: geo-location, webantenne, wikiscanner

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