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How active and in what way are Israeli present on Wikipedia? Given the Israeli IP range(s) and the Wikiscanner, what could be said about the interests of Israeli web users, as expressed on the English language Wikipedia? In this research the Wikiscanner is queried for anonymous Wikipedia edits from within the Israeli IP ranges. The Wikiscanner is a tool that allows querying of IP(range)s to discover what anonymous edits where made by a specific IP(range), amongst other Wikipedia detective work.


First a list of IP ranges for Israel was obtained by querying and parsing the RIPE allocation list and The derived data was then translated to a format suitable for the Wikiscanner (e.g. becomes 212.106.64-95.0-255) and the wikiscanner was queried for all ranges found. Various queries to Wikiscanner resulted in a list of anonymous Wikipedia edits from IP addresses in the specified ranges. The list consists of an IP, the title of the Wikipedia entry that was edited, the revision number of the Wikipedia article when it was edited from the IP, the comment which was added to the edit, and the time and date at which the edit took place. The list was made sortable so one can easily make a time line, see which IP's are most active and which titles are edited a lot. As the list consists of 15871 edits, further abstraction seemed necessary. Therefor tag clouds were generated which depict a) the frequency of edits for the titles, b) the frequency of edits per IP address, and c) the amount of comments which are the same.


  • Analyse and compare lists (of ip ranges)
  • Wikiscanner
  • Sortable list generator
  • Tag cloud generator

Result visualizations

  • Sortable list (35M) of anonymous Wikipedia edits in the Israeli IP range. When the page has completely loaded it is possible to click on the column headings to sort on that column. Give it some time, sorting is done client side through Javascript. The faster your machine, the faster it will sort.
  • Ordered tag cloud of the frequency of edits per Title, the frequency of edits per IP address, and the amount of comments which are the same. Screen shots of the top results can be seen here:





Between December 2, 2003 and August 3, 2007, was anonymously edited 15871 times from within the Israeli IP range. In this period 8725 different titles were edited, 5065 IPs have participated in the editing, and 3963 different comments were made.

From the following table it can be seen that there are 96 power users with more than 20 edits per IP. The majority of edits per IP however is smaller than 5. Before drawing conclusions from this, one has to take into account that a user might get a different (dynamic) IP each time s/he logs on. Table: edits per IP address
# of edits per IP amount of IPs
1 2764
2 962
3 428
4 263
>= 5 < 10 383
>=10 < 20 170
>= 20 < 30 39
>= 30 < 40 21
>= 40 < 50 10
>= 50 < 100 20
>= 100 < 200 4
>= 200 1

The quality of edits differs between the topics. Although there was no time yet to study how certain pages were edited, some illustrative results are described below:
  • More than half of the edits have been made without comments.
  • Of those edits that have been commented upon, adding references and links, and adding/changing bits of history and biography seem important to those in the Israeli IP range.

Following table shows the number of anonymous edits per month from within the Israeli IP range
month # of edits
  2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Jan n/a 0 81 384 455 723
Feb 1 0 55 109 409 493
Mar 1 0 68 111 371 628
Apr 0 0 61 155 345 580
May 1 9 113 254 466 526
Jun 0 8 89 228 466 586
Jul 1 22 162 321 619 674
Aug 0 21 219 386 695 95
Sep 0 5 193 286 644 n/a
Oct 2 10 239 341 637 n/a
Nov 3 6 260 322 793 n/a
Dec 1 32 182 363 660 n/a

Future Research

Additional Research

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