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Issue: Which images are used for the issue 'Global Warming' in the various web spheres?


Flickr, tag "global warming":
  • animals
  • nature
  • campaigns (lights out for global warming), tag "global warming" Climate change: A guide for the perplexed earth - 16 May 2007 - New Scientist Environment Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist Top 50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming RealClimate ยป Climate Science Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change An Inconvenient Truth

Google Queries Global warming + Animals

* / Seals Krill Turtle

* Red Fox Marmots Polar Bears Fish

*,1282,65654,00.html Checkerspot butterfly Arctic fox Polar bears Walruses Seals

* Show me Polar bear Seal Turtle Birds Fish

* Earth Observatory Birds Butterflies Red Fox Starfish Sea anemone

Technorati ToolTechnoratiActorResonance fish, Fox, Polar bear

Image count Google Images, Yahoo, Altavista and YouTube Comparison: Bush, Gore, Polar Bear, Fish

De eerste 50 thumbnails bepalen of het plaatje bij een van de actoren hoort

* Google Bush 2 Al Gore 1 Polar Bear 2 Fish (sharks? 1)

* Yahoo Bush 1 Al Gore 0 Polar Bear 2 Fish 0

* Bush Will Ferrel on George Bush on Global Warming 1,533,234 The Bush Administration's approach to Global Warming 86,324 George Bush Global Warming Video 137,736 George Bush on Global Warming - Spoof by Will Ferrell 31,936 Will Ferrell as Dubya on Global Warming 312,247 Global Warming and George Bush 3,001

Tot. 2104478

Al Gore AL GORE: Global Warming Testimony @ Congress 3.21.07 102,532 A Terrifying Message from Al Gore 1,867,153
Al Gore explains how you can fight global warming88,500 An Inconvenient Truth - Global Warming Cartoon 132,590 Global Warming - Opportunities 6,960 Joint Global Warming Hearing: Al Gore Opening Part 1 7,718 Al Gore's Travelin' Global Warming Show 15,000


Polar Bear Global Warming Polar Bears 35,109 Polar Pears in the face of global warming 21,467


Altavista gore 1 Bush 1(60e hit) polar bear 4 fish 2 ("global warming") whalelike creature

* Google news image scraper* alleen Gore te vinden, aantal keren

* zoeken met: ToolImageScraper* polar bears, no fish in:

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