Digital Methods for ICANN Mailing Lists

Team Members

Niels ten Oever; Davide Beraldo; Stefania Milan; Sebastian Benthall; Yunkang Yang; Lucas Duane; Arthur; Daria Asmolova; Nico; Chiara Poletti; Christopher Wilson.


Present the investigated problem, the importance of the study, and an overview of your research strategy. You can also provide a brief review of relevant literature.

Research Questions

Clearly describe your research questions and hypotheses.


Explain your methodology.


Describe your findings.


Discuss and interpret your data for the reader, tell the reader of the implications of your findings and make recommendations.


Present a summary of what you found.



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Social Roles

Fisher, D.; Smith, M.; Welser, H.T., "You Are Who You Talk To: Detecting Roles in Usenet Newsgroups," System Sciences, 2006. HICSS '06. Proceedings of the 39th Annual Hawaii International Conference on , vol.3, no., pp.59b,59b, 04-07 Jan. 2006 doi: 10.1109/HICSS.2006.536 keywords: {Character generation;Computer networks;Fires;Intelligent networks;Joining processes;Pattern analysis;Social network services;Visualization}, URL:

Text Processing

Lo and Ounis. "Automatically Building a Stopword List for an Information Retrieval System" link

Duncheneaut, N. "Socialization in an Open Source Software Community: A Socio-Technical Analysis" link
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