The Climate Archives: Historical Cross-platform Issue Keyword Uptake Analysis

By Liliana Bounegru, Carlo De Gaetano, Stefania Guerra, San Yin Kan, Sabine Niederer, Tommaso Venturini, Natalia Sanchez Querubin, Noel Wimmer, Alex Williams.

Platforms & Data

  • Google Trends: batch queried through (secret) Sciences Po tool
  • daily results for the query climate change since 6 September 2008. This data set allows one to see the (change in) ranking of sites related to climate change. Sample (Alex): Quarterly sample, 1 month apart. Retrieve pages as they were at the time of the query using the wayback machine to find the resonance of our sets of keywords).
  • Twitter: all tweets containing the words global warming, globalwarming, climate, climatechange, drought, and flood since 23 November 2012. (Resulting in 8.3 million tweets as of 30 May 2013).
  • Facebook: climate change advocates groups: Climate Action, Climate Reality, Climate Change Guide + skeptics groups: Heartland Institute, Gallileo Movement, Global Warming is a Hoax.

See the project presentation.

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