Discover a website's rank in the returned Google results per issue/query.


The tool Pagerank, or Google Result Rank, shows the position of one or more sites in the top 1000 results for a particular query in Google.

1) Input a list of keywords (comma separated)
2) Input one or more URLs (one URL per line)
3) Show Google Pagerank

Sample project

Compare the rankings of an organization's issues. Where is the organization in Google results for queries of its issues?

As of December 2008, Public Knowledge, the citizens' rights advocacy organization working in the area of digital culture, has the following issues:

  • 700 MHz Spectrum Auction
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
  • Broadband
  • Broadcast Flag
  • Comcast Complaint
  • Copyright
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • Network Neutrality
  • Open Access to Research
  • Opening the White Space
  • Orphan Works
  • Patent Reform
  • Selectable Output Control
  • Text Message Petition
  • Trademark
  • WiFi Municipal Services
  • WIPO Broadcasters Treaty

To determine the impact of Public Knowledge for each issue, on the Web, the Google Result Rank tool is used.


Use the Google Result Rank tool which shows Public Knowledge's Google ranking per issue. Thus if an engine user searches for "orphan works" where does Public Knowledge figure in the results? Is it seen by the engine as an important source of information for the issue?

In the top box, paste Public Knowledge's issues. Their issues may be found at, under "issues." It is not unusual for NGOs and other issue professionals to have neat issue lists on their Websites.

"700 MHz Spectrum Auction","Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement","Broadband","Broadcast Flag","Comcast Complaint","Copyright","Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)","Network Neutrality","Open Access to Research","Opening the White Space","Orphan Works","Patent Reform","Selectable Output Control","Text Message Petition","Trademark","WiFi Municipal Services","WIPO Broadcasters Treaty"

In the bottom box, enter the URL of the organization.

The Google Result Rank tool outputs the organization's rank per issue query. It also may be used to analyze the specificity of the organization's presence in the google results issue space.


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