General New Media Topics

Archiving Digital Media Resources and bibliography for the "Identifying and Archiving Culturally Important Conversations in the Social Web" project at ODU.
Cinema, Media, and Urban Studies A collection of bibliographic resources for researchers working at the intersection of urban studies and cinema and media studies.
Civic Media MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Culture and New Media Focuses on the conjunction of two central and rapidly changing aspects of our world- culture and media.
e-Media The e-Media Lab’s mission is the development of people through the creation of joyful experiences derived from intuitive and motivating interactions with intelligent systems. By playing in an immersive environment users acquire new knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
Field: Media and Cultural Studies Reading lists in media and cultural studies, including undergraduate independent studies, graduate seminar, and Ph.D. comprehensive exam.
Future of Digital Media These resources take a look at the path digital media is following and where it may take us.
Global Communication and Digital Media Project to create an authoritative reading list on global communication and digital media.
History and Theories of New Media Created by faculty members and students working on the New Media and Culture Certificate Program's common seminar, "Histories and Theories of New Media," at the University of Oregon.
Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture Research on the global impact of computing, etc. on culture using collaboration among various disciplines and colleges and across Universities who are participating in creating a cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities.
Japan Mass-Media Mainstream 'masu-komi' media in Japan, particular the established mass-media; newspapers, television, radio, magazine publishing, advertising etc.
LGBTQ Media Representation This research compiles bibliographies on LGBTQ topics as they are represented in the media.
Literature, Media, and the Archive Resources discussing literature, media, and issues of archiving.
Media Anthropology This is a bibliography for the fields of Media Anthropology or the Anthropology of Media.
Media Studies A brief collection of resources on literature and media studies.
Media Theory From the Frankfurt school to communication studies and media effects, from cybernetics to technics and discourse analysis, this group brings together a canon of texts that could be foundational for an academic discipline called "media theory."
Modern Media Designed for students to research and share on the subject of 21st Century media.
Moving Media Comprehensive study of mobile Internet, how the infrastructures are evolving, how people use these convergent technologies, and how traditional and new modes of media policy respond.
New media and Society – Secondlife Exploring second life as a learning environment.
New Media Rhetoric Dedicated to the study of New Media and how it impacts us as teachers of Rhetoric and Composition.
SNA and Media Study Explores the role of security on the Internet.
Social Movement Media Ecology Looks at social movement theory and the media ecology.
Theories of Digital Media General topics of theory in digital media.
Wikileaks/Media Bibliography A bibliography of media coverage of Wikileaks between 2007-2012, sorted thematically by tags.
Archiving Social Media Literature dealing with topics of social media storage and archiving.
Knowledge Management and Social Media Explores how how we conceptualize and practice knowledge management as social media evolves.
Privacy – Social Media Helpful online resources for a privacy themed social media workshop.
Social Media and Community Resources on how local community, progressive values, and social media all interrelate.
Social Media and Violence Explores issues such as the effect of violence on social media, and social media’s role regarding violence.
Social Media Books Books about social media.
Social Media Credibility Explores issues of credibility on the Internet, especially social media sites.
Social Media for Research Resources on social media in research.
Social Media Passive Data Collections Explores content creation and sharing in digital age.
Social Media Tools Pointers to social media tools; indices of social media tools, and other useful resources for using social media in research and education.
Social Media-Disasters Material related to the use of 'social media' in and after natural disasters.
Social Media, Insecure Work, and New Solidarities Explores the ways in which social media intersects with the labor movement. Includes articles, books, films and other materials that create a canon of knowledge around labor movements and the uses of social media within those movements.
Social Media, Movements, Politics, Protest Includes references related to the study of how social media are employed in, around, and about social movements, politics, and protest.
Sport Racism Social Media Analyzes examples of racism across social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook, exploring the reasons for this and examining the responses of the authorities.
Zero Breast Cancer: Social Media Literature Review Literature review on social media in youth retention
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